Sometimes a girl’s just gotta…

Jeans: Sussan
Shoes: Rocket Dog
Jay Jays has been very coy about this, but I was excited to discover the other day that they’re venturing into 2XL’s. Sort of. It only seems to be in a limited number of pieces, but because this striped top was one of them, I was happy.
I’ve been looking for a red and white striped top for while – I’d envisaged something with bolder stripes than this, but at $12 I’m not complaining. The new 2XL is probably on par with a size 18, and it’s a more flattering fit than my Giordano striped top. It has little puff shoulders and a wide collar-bone exposing neckline, so while it looks good layered under cardigans, it’ll look equally good when the weather warms and I want to wear it by itself.
On the topic of cardigans – I’m wearing the “Magic at Midnight” cardigan that I had on my wishlist back in May. The Sophisticate’s Mum actually gave it to me on my birthday, and I love it as much as I thought I would

13 thoughts on “Sometimes a girl’s just gotta…

  1. Stunning outfit. And there's no way you are an 18 – you look fabulous and a lot smaller than that! I love your casual elegance and your ability to co-ordinate colour so effectively…

  2. So so cute and pretty! And you really have a way with color. The way all the red accents come together looks superb and makes an otherwise-casual outfit look somehow pretty polished!

  3. i really like this outfit – you look great! thanks for the tip re, jay jays – i will have a look in there now (have not been into a jay jays store for ages!)

    the cardy is wonderful too 🙂

  4. Awesome outfit! I went into Jayjays after you tweeted about it and ended up with one of their dotty tops, only $12 too. It's good to see some of the shops doing bigger stuff.

  5. wow that top is from jay jay's… I had no idea they were doing 2XL's. Might have to pop in there. Cheers. Love the cardigan they have the cutest stuff 😉

  6. Hi Lilli~ I discovered your blog a month or so back and visit often (in fact on a daily basis!) You are gorgeous and inspiring! Thanks for introducing me to many new places fashion-wise 🙂

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