Just Dandy

Vest: Target
Jacket: City Chic
Pants: Crossroads
Stocking Socks: Jonathon Aston
Over the weekend I went to see the Tim Burton Exhibition with a girlfriend. It’s an absolutely epic exhibition, and I feel like I barely scratched the surface, so I’ll probably make another visit when it quietens down a bit, and I can actually get within short-sighted view of the pieces on the wall.
I thought this outfit fitted the aesthetics of Tim Burton quite nicely, actually, and I’m glad to be finally blogging the polkadot City Chic jacket that I bought a few weeks ago. 
It’s a great little jacket, but definitely more suited to in-between weather than the cold winter days we’re experiencing at the moment. It’s quite short in the arms… presumably deliberately, and I lost the button off the front within a few hours of wearing it. But the scarlet lining and the steampunky brooch which comes free pinned to the lapel more than make up for it.

36 thoughts on “Just Dandy

  1. Love this look on you! I can't do short trousers (or shorts for that matter) but you make it look cool and chic effortlessly!

  2. Right that's it, I just want all your clothes. And preferably you to live in my closet and tell me which ones to wear each day!
    I also bought that jacket and I also lost the button within an hour of putting it on. I thought it was because of the french food I ate but now I will blame the button!

    xo Cal

  3. This outfit is great! I love the pant and the different contrasts of black.
    You are gorgeous. Thanks for the comment on my blog xx

  4. I really love your tights! You always look so cute!

    You have inspired me to venture out of my black opaques comfort zone with your forest green tights a while back…and now this!

  5. I agree with Nanda, very slimming! Need to buy that jacket me thinks. Thanks for all the style tips and links!

  6. Hi, I have just found your blog – such great encouragement via inspiration. You are just darling.
    I tried on that jacket on the weekend and the sales girl said she'd bought one when the first drop came out and she'd lost the button on hers, then when I was doing the jacket up on the hanger the button came off the one I was trying on! I am going to get one as is rare to find a coat like that but must be a button sewing issue!

  7. Hi there!

    We are from Brazil and we design and sell pjs and lounge wear plus size.

    Loved your blog and your beautiful looks!


    Karina Williams

  8. I love this look! I love all of the different textures and patterns going on in the same black/grey tones. Awesome!

  9. Hey Lilli, I'm new to your blog but I absolutely adore it! Addicted ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love this outfit. I can't seem to pull off short trousers even though we're a similar size- I think you have better proportions than me.

    A post request: can you blog about your fave Etsy stores?

    I am paralysed by indecision on Etsy because there is too much choice. I need guidance ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks again for your blog, I love it.

  10. I'm down in Melbourne this weekend, so if I see someone oozing unique style, I'll know it's you.

    Question about the Burton exhibition, does one need to pre-book or can I just show up and buy tickets. The website, alas doesn't make that clear.

  11. It's a fantastic jacket! I actually tried this on the other day at City Chic, but even in the largest size I had trouble doing the single button up! Odd. Otherwise it fitted perfectly.

    You need a cute newsboy cap to complete your look!

  12. I just ordered this jacket from City Chic online after seeing it here. Love it, thought the size I got (S) is a little bit big though- it's nice to be able to go down to an XS for once in my life!!

    Thanks again for giving me the inspiration I need to be more adventurous when dressing…

  13. i came across your blog most randomly, and think your space on the www is fantabulous! gosh, chica, you've got impeccable style!

  14. Preppy cuuuuute! I remember desperately wanting a pair of knickers (what we in the US called the kind of capri pants you're wearing) in 1983. My mom finally bought me a pair, which I remember wearing to school in 7th grade. I thought I looked so sharp in them. You would have outdone me by a mile in this outfit if you'd shown up at my school, though.

  15. Great work Lili, you're such an inspiration, love love LOVE this outfit! makes me want to don lacey tights immediately!! Cal xx

  16. Gorgeous, gorgeous outfit! I love the way youยดve combined different textures. The end result is just plain fabulous.

  17. A very late comment but I have to say this is easily my favourite outfit I've seen on you since you started the blog, the very tailored but offbeat look suits you so much. Well done. Still on hunt for Chie Mihara btw ๐Ÿ˜‰

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