Here’s One I Prepared Earlier

Top: Sussan
Dress: Target
Stockings: Ambra
I’ve had a particularly heinous week I’m afraid, and I never seem to get home until after dark, so here’s an outfit shot that I prepared earlier! 
I wore it about a week ago, but wasn’t entirely sold on it, so it’s been sitting in my Frocks & Frou Frou folder waiting for an occasion such as this; when I realise that I haven’t blogged since Monday, and it’s already too dark to go outside and blog my real outfit of the day (black dress, patterned stockings & green cardigan).
I’d seen a girl earlier wearing a similarly polkadotted dress with black opaques and a black cardi, and I thought it looked so swanky I’d try my own hand at it, but I’m actually not in possession of a black cardigan (I know! a terrible oversight that I’ll be quick to rectify) so I tried layering the dress over a long-sleeved black top instead, and the result is… a bit meh. Hence why you didn’t see it earlier, but oh well – beggars can’t be choosers.
Daylight saving is still months away, but I’ll endeavour to be better organised next week and actually get outside to take some pictures before the sun sets, leaving my in flash-photography hell!

16 thoughts on “Here’s One I Prepared Earlier

  1. I have been on the black cardi quest for a few years now. Too short, too long, buttons not meeting in the middle or arms that should belong on an orangutan not a short curvy woman!
    Let us know if you find one! SB

  2. My hair is about your length, and I'm curious what you use to tie it back — a clip? hair band? Just curious! It looks lovely.

  3. No black cardigan! LOL, I think I have like 15, please take one of mine. I'm trying to diversify my collection to include other colors of the rainbow at this point 🙂 I do think you look very nice here though! I love black and white polka dots. When the weather gets colder I think I will try this black cardi + b/w dress + black tights look myself 🙂 I usually wear a red cardigan with my polka dot dress, but I think this is probably more chic.

  4. It looks great! But I think it would look better with a splash of red – I'm not sure where. Do you have a red cardy? ^^

  5. i found your blog by accident and couldn't leave till i've read just about… ummm… ALL of it. 😀

    i simply ADORE every single piece you put on and the way you wear them – thanks for inspiration!

    big hug from croatia!

  6. Tres chic, tres jolie Mmselle Lilli! I love the polka dots, but I think you are right about the cardigan, it might work a little better. To break up the dots somewhat. But the dress is very cute indeed.

  7. I love polka dots! I have two dresses, 1 top and a polka cardi at present. Love the dress but I agree with the others that a red cardigan would work just as well.

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