Lazy Daisy

Cardigan: Ice Knitwear
Skirt: Manque
Boots: Duo
Here’s how lazy I am: I live over the river from the Sophisticate (it’s about a seven minute walk) and sometimes I’ll stay over at his place, especially on weekends, because it’s in the city and there’s something really delicious about waking up to the sound of general hubbub under your window going out onto the balcony and thinking “I’m standing in the middle of the city and I’M IN MY PYJAMAS” (at least until someone looks up and spots you and you have to scurry back inside).
This weekend both my visiting Queensland friend and I ended up staying with The Sophisticate, and instead of going home (a fifteen minute round trip) to get a change of clothes… I bought one.
The cardigan was super cheap (two for $30) from one of those el cheapo clothes shops where nothing seems to fit over my generous bosoms but I loved the anchor print and figured I could wear it unbuttoned anyway. The skirt (by local Melbourne label Manque) was an impulse buy bought from Cat’s Meow. Manque is a label that has previously escaped my notice, but in an odd little coincidence when I got home from my impromptu shopping trip I had an email from reader Sassydrcil suggesting I check them out. I didn’t realise it was the same label until I saw it on the website she linked me to – it’s called the Librarian.
The top? It’s actually the too-short Dorothy Perkins “dress” that I never got around to remixing, but had been wearing as a nightie. 
Meanwhile, in other news – My Hairy Godmother’s going on maternity leave in a matter of weeks, and since I couldn’t see past me fringe I thought it wouldn’t kill me to get a quick fringe trim at the local hairdressers.
TOO SHORT! You can see my eyebrows for the first time in a year! In the hairdresser’s defence, I’d been wearing a cloche hat for most of the day and my hair was flattened when she trimmed, but now it’s bounced back, and the result’s more Bettie Page than Louise Brooks.
I’ve decided I have two choices… embrace the shorter length (for at least the amount of time it takes to grow back) or walk around like this for another month:

29 thoughts on “Lazy Daisy

  1. I have similar issues with my fringe – ever since my mother cut it so it was merely an idea of a fringe.

    Personally I don't think its too short – it looks cute! Plus it WILL grow and if its anything like my hair it'll grow quickly.

    I love the cardigan – New Look inspire was doing one similar a few months ago. However, it was online and it went within hours!

    1. I saw that, Monkey! It’s such a cute cardi I’m not surprised it went quickly!
      My fringe hair always seems to grow faster than the hair on the rest of my head, so I’m not too fussed 🙂

  2. The cardi is cute, and looks great with the one button done up – I don't even have big boobs and I always end up with the gapey button thing too. Think it might be because of my builders shoulders!

    1. Thanks for commenting Penny!
      Gaping buttons seem to be a bit of an occupational hazard for anyone! I often sew the fronts of my cardigans and shirts up. Makes it a wriggle to get them on, but then I don’t have to worry about inadvertent flashing!

  3. I think your new fringe is adorable! But if you shaved your head you could probably pull that off too, I think I'm possibly biased.

  4. Hey! My hairdresser is also going on Mat Leave very soon as well. And I've been unable to get an appointment with her. It's very frustrating. Apparently, she's more popular than I thought.

    I have found straigtening irons can give a too-short fringe less body and thus more length, if that's a help. 🙂

  5. I don’t think it’s too short either! It’s probably just not what you’re used to… and on the plus side, you won’t have to get it cut again so soon! Yay 🙂

  6. Cute cardy, and congrats on the new website! Eensy problem with the RSS link though – I get a page full of code.

  7. I like the short fringe! And congrats on your move to your very own name… I wonder what further changes this heralds?!

    1. LOL, I have to admit my number one reason for wanting to move to wordpress was so I could reply to individual comments. But I think The Sophisticate has big plans for Frocks and Frou Frou 🙂

  8. As a librarian I think I NEED that skirt. Trouble is I don’t think it would fit, are the sizes true to the size chart or is their some room to move?

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