Blouse: Liz Jordan @ NoniB
Cardigan: Glassons
Skirt: Tartanista
Stockings: Ambra
Very quick one today, because The Sophisticate and I have got a visiting Queenslander to wine and dine tonight!
She and I had a very short shop today (during which time I nevertheless managed to impulse buy two items of clothing I definitely don’t need) between two amazing and extended meals.
Poor thing is feeling a little shell-shocked at the cool weather down here, but I’m actually feeling a bit of spring in the air (thank goodness!) and my wandering eye is starting to look for spring and summer frocks. 

6 thoughts on “Impulsive

  1. I've just been at home with my parents in Victoria for a week or so, and it was *freezing*, but I looooooved it, I just love the cold.

    Back in Perth now, and it's still chilly, but just not the same as Victoria.

    I love winter, and I love winter clothes, so I hope it stays cold for a little while longer yet 🙂

    I also have one of those Tartanista skirts – however I never quite look so put together as you do in yours! You always look great 🙂
    best wishes, Narelle.

  2. I just posted on someone else's blog that it feels like we're passed the deepest depths of winter and Summer will be on the way.

    Now, I know that will happen inevitably, but the part of me with a brain also knows that there's still some cold to be had. This gives me an excuse to continue knitting warm things, while looking to buy spring clothing, haha.

  3. Oh – it's so true. Even though it's still technically the middle of winter, I am itching for summer clothes. And I'm not even a summer type person! I much prefer winter frocks but I really feel that winter has been so long and so cold already this year….

  4. I usually love your blog but I don't think this outfit does you any favours. Not particularly flattering choice of style or colours. Sorry luv.

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