Getting My Pantyhose in a Twist

Cardigan: City Chic
Belt: City Chic
I snapped up this little denim skirt in the Laura Ashley sale last week for a meagre $29.95, which I’m pretty delighted with. It’s a great shape and was also available in blue denim, so if you’re on the hunt for a good denim skirt, check them out.
Meanwhile… I think I’ve finally found a pair of pantyhose that I can tolerate!

They’re no-waisted, which means I don’t have that waistband-hoiked-up-to-my-bra problem – they just sit flush against my skin wherever I want them to be. They’re “fuller figure” so they’re nice and roomy, aren’t a struggle to wriggle on and don’t give me that super-flattering muffin-top effect. They’re a good colour and don’t give an oompa-loompa tan to my white, white legs. And no crotch-creep. Hurrah!

    17 thoughts on “Getting My Pantyhose in a Twist

    1. Love the skirt, tres chic! And a great price too. I seem to struggle with denim skirts – there is too much of a differentce between my toosh and my waist which means they never seem to sit properly… I'm so envious of the fact they look great on you!

    2. You rock lady. Good mate has been hunt-hunt-hunting for great MID-length denim skirt and here it is staring me in the face. Thank god for you. Or not, I just HAD to have that spotty City Chic jacket …

    3. I must investigate these! I have worked from home for the last 7 years so have been able to avoid wearing pantyhose for most of that time. Unfortunately I was recently made redundant and am now going round the interview circuit so I have to try and look presenatble and professionable, an impossible task for me in a skirt with my whiter than white legs if I don't wear pantyhose. I had forgotten just how uncomfortable they can be. One wrong move and it feels like your circulatin is in danger of being cut off.

    4. Love the skirt. Laura Ashley has some very lovely things (love the boiled wool military cardigan!!)… but stops at size 16 it seems. Too bad they do not make their stuff in at least an 18.

    5. You are so beautiful! It's so nice to finally find a fashion blogger thats a nice natural size, makes me feel like I don't have to fit into what the size 0s are.
      This outfit is divine by the way and those pantyhose sound amazing!
      Take care

    6. Oh…pantyhose, stockings they are evil with their nasty waistbands…i shall have to try these. thank you for the heads up…now to hunt them down…

    7. I just gasped out loud when I saw that outfit photo. About to get me to city chich for that belt. Aaaaa the cutes!

    8. Oh, every time I visit I am reminded how pretty you are! And this outfit is wonderful. You and Emily from Some Girls Wander have a wonderful knack as using red as practically a neutral, and it looks great on you!

    9. I totally understand your struggle with the pantyhose because I have exactly the same problems usually — now I'm wondering if they sell these also in here and I'll definitely try to find them!

    10. I gotta say, I love your blog. your photos are gorgeous, the clothes at a good pricetag.
      There are some other labels you should try: Manque and Morrison – really good quality basics. Manque is actually a melbourne label which I am sure you will love. Their pants are super-comfy. Not cheap, mind you. Google both labels and you can shop online.

    11. Maybe you need to get one custom-made Miss Kitty-Cat? I'll keep my eyes open on etsy 🙂

      Hi HannahRose, I just got them at DJ's in the hoisery department.

      LOL, Anon! It's such a good skirt. The jacket's ace too.

      OOh – Good luck in your hunt, ScottishPrincess 🙂

      Thanks Carol!

      Hi Ama, yeah – it's pretty generous 16, but I'd like to see them doing a bigger range of sizes themselves. I think the 16's a recent (i.e. in the last year or so) addition, so maybe it's baby steps.

      Hey BellaRose, that's so sweet – thankyou! I'm glad you found me 🙂

    12. Thanks, everyone 🙂

      I have such a big blog crush on Emily, Goldenmeans! Also… red is the best neutral ever!

      LOL, Sassydrcil – this is a total freak coincidence, but I just bought a Manque skirt at Cat's Meow earlier today – I didn't realise it until I saw it on the website, following up your suggestions. Thanks for the heads-up 🙂

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