Cardigan: Friends of Couture

Jeans: Sussan

Boots: Duo Boots


I often get asked where I find inspiration for my outfit shots, and to be honest they come from everywhere – other blogs, things I’ve seen on TV, things I’ve seen in magazines, and often from other girls I’ve seen on the street.

For example, this outfit, which owes itself to a girl I saw in a Melbourne restaurant over the weekend.

I was given this Friends of Couture cardigan by The Sophisticate’s Mum, and while I loved it, I simply couldn’t figure out how to wear it.

And then on Saturday night, across the bar at Movida Next Door, I spotted a gorgeous girl in the exact cardigan I’d been struggling with. And she looked fab. I’d been wearing it open, or fully closed, but she’d opted for half open with a string of pearls over a black-skirt, black-leggings combo. The combination of creamy cleavage (not that I was perving!) and pearls, against the contrast of the striking black striped bib just worked.

So, in an homage to the mystery girl at Movida – here’s my take on your outfit.

It’s a little different, because surprisingly for a Friends Of Couture cardigan (I’ve not had this problem with them before) I’ve been haemorrhaging buttons. I’ve lost three off the cardigan already – one off each of the sleeves, and one off the front. Instead of attempting to track the missing buttons down (they’re self-covered, so not easy to replicate) I snipped the remaining buttons off, then replaced them with these sparkly little black numbers.


22 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. You look so pretty Lilli! I love the lines the cardigan creates when undone like that — it accents your curves so nicely, and is slightly sultry, which still respectably classy juxtaposed with those long pearls. The black skinnies give you that finishing touch of sophistication and chic in my opinion. Oh, and congrats on the new blog space!

  2. Their clothes are so beautiful, but I’ve had nothing but problems with the three cardigans I bought from FoC – buttons falling off, one of them lost its shape horribly in the wash, another that got the tiniest snag and just seemed to unravel from there! I bought a dress at the same time as the cardigans and haven’t had a problem with it, but the experiences with the cardigans have put me off shopping there in future. :/

    1. Oh, that’s no good Jasmine. I haven’t had a problem with things losing their shape (yet!) but the buttons thing drives me CRAZY! I wish more stores did patterned cardigans like FoC’s, though they seem to be coming into vogue at the moment.

  3. I concur with Veronica! Gorgeous! I often get inspiration from other people I see out and about, its a good way to get ideas but not turn up to parties in the same outfits!

    I really love Friends of Couture but they only go up to a 14 – boo hiss! I’m liking the!

    1. Yeah – I can’t usually get them to do up, and they’re often too small around the arms too, so I’ll be able to squeeze into maybe 10% of what they have on offer.

  4. I have been looking around at Valley Girl and Temt, which are super-cheap and have some great stuff. Lots of stripes, polka dots and ruffles. I bought a cute elasticised belt and a polka dotty t-shirt.
    I have been reading/stalking the archives, after fash-spiration, and I really love your floral portmans skirt! Maybe that needs a re-outing??
    I love this outfit, some black high heels would look good with the pants and “balance” the delicacy of the cardie. It may also look good with some dark denim skinny jeans and ballet flats (maybe your loveheart ones). Or even the shorts/trouser socks/black shoes combo.
    So many ways, so few days….
    Love your work.

    1. Oooh -s ome good pointers there – I’ll have to suss them out. Thanks!
      I’ve actually “retired” the Portmans floral skirt, which is a shame. I’m always trying to keep things fresh, and I have a weenie little wardrobe, so I’ll often sell old clothes on eBay or pass them on to my little sister.
      I love the idea of teaming the cardigan with heels – that’s actually how the girl in Mobida was wearing it – long, floaty skirt, leggings, and seriously high black stilettos. Looked amazing.

  5. Pretty Lili!
    Here a fan of Belgium – yes you are known that far! I just want to thank you for blogging: you give me such a boost to combine clothes and look smahsing! Ever since I’ve been reading your blog I give a lot more attention to my everyday looks (Normally I only dress up in the weekends: sex, voluptueus & burlesque) But now I love dressing up for work.
    Bought a red belt that looks like you heartshaped one, except mine is a rose.
    keep being you!!

    you rock!

    1. Yay! Thanks Katrijn, I’m so glad you’re enjoying reading, and I definitely believe that every day is important enough to dress up for πŸ™‚ Love the idea of your rose shaped belt!

  6. I love this outfit, you look gorgeous! I have so many cardigans, and wear them nearly everyday, I just can’t get enough and I’m always on the look out for more. I may have to DIY similar to this one because it is so adorable πŸ™‚

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