Déjà vu

Top: Giordano

Dress: Nina Kay

Stockings: Ambra

Shoes: Naturaliser

Belt: City Chic


I wasn’t sure I would like this dress belted. It’s got such an elegant princess line that I didn’t want to mess it up, but last time I wore it a reader, Francesca, suggest I try it with a red sash or belt. Today for a bit of whimsy I thought I’d pair it with my new heart belt from City Chic, and I think it works splendidly.

I was sorting out my wardrobe earlier this week and discovered that I’ve got rather a frightening number of these long-sleeved striped tops. I think it all comes back to a few years ago when I spent months trying fruitlessly to track one down. Now, squirrel-like, I seem to be hoarding them in the event of another striped-top famine. Of course, with the nautical trend in full flight right now they’re everywhere, but you never know what will be on-trend next season, so I’m buying up while I can (I’m rationalising buying another earlier today… but the stripes are wider, so I’m not duplicating. Right? Right?)

20 thoughts on “Déjà vu

  1. I know exactly how you feel Lilli…I have a stripey top addiction that has gone crazy this season with all the stripes in the shops.

    Love your Nin Kay dress btw – it looks great with the red stripes. After seeing it on you last time I bought one for myself. I love reading you blog but it is seriously bad for my bank account…the past few days I’ve been lusting over a top from Manque!

    1. Oooh! That’s great! I hope you like yours too! Which top have you got your eye on a Manque? I’m obsessed with the peaboat crop jacket, but I’m worried it might be a bit small for my generous frontage 😉

  2. I’m new to your blog but I love it! I even looked back over your archives. Love your style.

    And I love that belt!!! I’m around a 12-14ish, more 12ish around the waist though I think. How’s the sizing on that belt/could it be easily adjusted? I want it so badly!

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! The belt’s elasticised, but even so it might be a bit big. It fastens with three lines of snaps at the back which are adjustable. At it’s smallest it’s about 34″ unstretched 🙂

  3. I love stripes too – but all the ones I have seen are navy and white. I would love red and black or red and white or simple black and white – do you have any tips for where I might find them?

    I admire your style and long for my wardrobe to eventually be half as good as yours!

    1. Hmnn… I got most of mine from Giordano, but try JayJay’s too – they’ve got one with half length sleeves and puff shoulders which is really cute – up to a 2X (about an 18) I just bought a red and white striped long sleeve top from American Apparel – I’ll be blogging it in the next few days, but it’s more of a sweater than a op suitable for layering.

  4. Helloooooo,
    I have been stalking/reading your blog voraciously, it brightens my day.
    I have style-jacked your “dandy” look (knee length shorts, stockings, blazer, mary janes) for work today and had multiple complements. I have harnessed the Power of my Wardrobe (note capitalisations)
    I also took a trip to queen clothing and dropped your (blog) name there – I was quite restrained and “only” bought an obi and some black beads – lucky it was close to closing time, I could have done some severe credit card damage.
    Plus you have got me obsessed with Chie Mihara shoes – I won (well, paid for) a pair on ebay today, yay! Potentially quite a serious addiction.
    I need to take inspiration from your frugal feb – do a “six week save” or something like that. Hmm, maybe later.
    Cilla (sassydrcil)

    1. LOL, I’m so glad you’re enjoying reading! You’re doing better than me being restrained at Queen. I usually want to buy the whole shop! The obi’s are awesome though.
      Chie Mihara shoes are SO GOOD – you won’t regret it, I guarantee it!

      1. They offered to replace it but I was worried the same thing would happen again so got my $ back. I have say, excellent customer service. I hate returning things.

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