Tea Party

Beret: Myer
Shirt: Dream Diva
Sweater: Sussan
Skirt: Tartanista
Stockings: ambra
Well, hi there Winter! I’ve missed you so!
My electric blanket’s back on the bed (is there anything nicer than slipping between warm sheets on a cold evening?) I’ve hauled my jackets out of storage (hello, darlings) and I’ve reclaimed my hats and gloves from the bottom drawer where they’re been hibernating since last year.
It’s always funny at this time of the year… I don’t know if it’s just Melbourne, the changing of the seasons, or Australia but last Saturday I was hitting up the sunny Sydney markets in a short sleeved frock, and this Saturday I’m snatching a few extra hours snuggling in my warm bed before finally getting up just in time to prepare for a special afternoon tea with a new soul sister whose fascination with kids books rivals my own.
She brought a divine rosewater & lime semolina cake, and I cracked open my seldom used tea set (a much treasured 30th birthday gift from Haz Mo’s Ma and the Cashless Cashmere) for a proper honest-to-God tea party.
Considering my school-girl get-up it probably wouldn’t have been too amiss for me to pop a couple of soft toys on the spare chairs… and I love that my date probably wouldn’t have even raised an eyebrow if I had.

7 thoughts on “Tea Party

  1. Definitely a schoolgirl outfit you've got on! My favourite thing about winter is the hats. I have a sequinned beret dying to get out.

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