Cardigan: Target
Dress: Now @ Kmart
Hat: Morgan & Taylor
Socks: Aussie Sox
Shoes: Chie Mihara (via ebay)
I have a confession to make. I have a Great Big Fashion Crush on Emily from Some Girls Wander. Her style is gorgeously feminine and retro, and she manages to pull off hats, fingerless gloves and knee-high socks with an aplomb that I can only dream about.
Some Girls Wander is the only straight size fashion blog that I read with any kind of regularity, and it always leaves me feeling like diving headfirst into an op-shop, embracing red lipstick and dusting off those hats that I keep buying and never wearing. The last one being a kind of somewhat more discreet version of Aretha Franklin’s famous inauguration hat.
I loved the hat. I think I realised at the time that there wasn’t much of a chance I would ever wear the hat, but I loved it, so I bought it.
Sure enough it sat on my dresser being neglected, until I picked it up and realised that at some point during the months since I had bought it Suki had made short work of the little veil.
This, combined with a recent post that J over at Fatshionable did on hats, inspired me to finally muster the courage to pay homage to my favourite fashion blogger and take my own foray in Wanderland.

16 thoughts on “Wanderland

  1. I love this whole post!! Thanks for sharing the links and your outfit is gorgeous!

  2. I do the exact same things with hats. I buy them, then I don't wear them. So I'm glad you got some use out of yours.
    I actually thought that first pic of Emily was you (until I hit her knees in my scrolling), so that's totally a look I think you could pull off!

  3. I also follow Emily's blog and as I was looking at your photos I thought the style very similar and then went on to read about your admiration for her! I think you pull off the hat wonderfully well.

  4. 1. You look adorable, as always.
    2. Aretha rules.
    3. Thanks for sharing the Some Girls Wander blog link. I love her style (of course, being a thirtiesgirl, myself).

  5. I absolutely love that hat. You can absolutely make it work and look effortless!

    By the way, I was so inspired by your shorts post, that I bought some tweed shorts and made whole outfit around them (and tights). I linked to you, of course!

    Thanks again for the inspiration!


  6. aww you look soo adorable I love the hat soo vintage! Love love love! I always loved veiled hats!

  7. Found you via Definatalie.
    As soon as I saw that first photo of you I instantly thought of Emily, who's blogs I adore. Well done!

    PS I'm following you now, com check out my blog 🙂

  8. Agreed on the Emily fashion crush! I just found your blog via Style Crush, your fashion sense is too cute!

  9. Hi Lilli, I believe you wore this cute-as-a-button hat at Chitra's Closet on Friday night. Looked fab, girl, wear it more often. Hats are good for the soul! Much love, Jen

  10. This dress from Kmart is amazing!
    I used to work there and have not been there for proper shopping since I finished working there in 2003. I'm more of a Target girl. But now, you have inspired me to check out the Mart.

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