A Bit Dotty

Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins
Long-Sleeved t-shirt: Giordano
Skirt: City Chic
Leggings: Ambra
I’m loving patterned cardigans at the moment, and this one – navy, with polkadots! – was crying out my name as soon as I spotted it on the Dorothy Perkins website. As usual for DP knitwear it’s a bit thin, but the style’s great.
This winter’s the first time I’ve really toyed with navy and black together – I’d always thought it was one of those unspoken rules (like “blue and green shall never be seen, except with something inbetween”) but since I’m a big one for breaking ridiculous fashion “rules” anyway….
Boden used to be the best bet for patterned cardigans, but other retailers are starting to catch on. Try Dorothy Perkins, Giordano, and definitely Friends of Couture – the number one cardigan on my lust-list is from FoC, and is called Magic at Midnight. Yes. Yes it is.

11 thoughts on “A Bit Dotty

  1. Friends of Couture have some of the cutest cardigans!
    But as for the navy and black, its definitely a wearable combo. Something about it seems so…exclusive? rich, maybe? i don't know, but its lovely 🙂

  2. I love polkadots! And polkadots and navy together is even better. The cardigan looks especially great with your coloring, in my opinion. 🙂

  3. Ooo, I'm wearing navy and black at the moment, I think it looks foxy!
    Have you been to the FoC on Chapel yet? I walked in and had to leave immediately as my Rent was in danger of turning in to cardigans!

  4. My mum and granny drummed into me all those sayings about wearing colours. I remember one day (a long time ago)wearing brown and black together and my granny being horrified – I think I got changed.

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