Shoes: Diana Ferrari
Belt: Jag

A few weeks ago I received a goodly-sized order from Dorothy Perkins, and unusually I haven’t had to send half of it back as unwearable. There’s a kind of “meh” cardigan in a frighteningly saccharine pink, but it’s OK. And then there’s this:

It was quite cheap, so it’d probably cost me as much to send it back as it cost in the first place, but it’s a bit… nighty-ish, isn’t it?
I thought I might have a go at re-mixing it, so I thought I’d put the options out there and see what my readers thought.
As ever, keep in mind these are just jury-rigged versions that I’ve whipped up using bits and bobs from around the house. I can use different colours or positioning – just let me know your suggestions in the comments.
Option 1: Tied Up
An appliqued bow, probably in red, draping from the shoulder down past the waist

Option 2: Great Lengths
an added bit of hem – in white or navy
Option 3: Lucy Locket Lost her Pocket
heart shaped pockets low on the hips
Option 4: Night-Night
Heaven’s sake! what’s with this remix malarkey? Just wear it as a Nighty already!

75 thoughts on “Nighty-Night

  1. I really like it with the belt to be honest -although the bow is a winner too. I'd almost want the bow to be removable though to keep it versatile.

  2. I like the hearts and adding a little bit of fabric to the hem – I am always self conscious about wearing anything above knee length (but you have much better legs than me so maybe it's just me projecting…?)

    And the belt looks good too!

  3. The belt is a definite winner, followed by the hem. I think the bow and hearts are just a little too cutesy…

  4. do you remember the outfit Carrie wore when travelling to Paris in the second last episode of SATC?

    I'm thinking a remix with that kind of twist.

  5. Definately the hem on the bottom, very stylish….but I also love it as is with the red belt (a little bit sexy). You wear it well in any fashion really.

    Love K

  6. I think the bow and the belt are the best options!

    I actually have a question, if you don't mind πŸ™‚ I'm going to Melbourne for the first time this coming weekend– do you have any plus size shopping recommendations?


  7. I love the belt, the lengthened hem & the bow. I would also be curious to see how it looks with some opaques? I think it's worth keeping, though πŸ™‚

    I've just found your blog, by the way – love your style. I esp love your DIY skirt from the last post, you've inspired me and I'm itching to get my sewing machine back from repair!

    x amy.

  8. I think the added white part at the hem looks great. Otherwise, you could leave it as is and winter it up – wear it with tights (maybe white ones), heels and a red cardi?

  9. WITH BELT!! Absolutely my favorite. Next favorite is heart appliques, and third favorite is bow applique.

  10. Definitely add the hem, it makes the dress a little more sophisticated. But also add the heart pockets for that added touch of whimsy.

    So cute!

  11. I like the belt or the added hem, without sounding terrible, I think the extra length is kind to you πŸ™‚

  12. I like the idea of a bit extra to the hem and the heart pockets – uber cute! Esp if the extra to the hem was maybe something frilly. The Arcadia Group (DP, Evans & Topshop) tend to skim on the lengths of their dresses! The amount of items I have that are meant to be "dreses" but I end up having to wear them as long tops!

  13. I think you should keep it! I like the way you remixed it. You could try different hair styles too, play with smokey eyes or red lips or you could add a denim jacket. It is a little bland at first glance but it's FABULOUS once you get creative.

  14. Although I'm from the Less is more variety,I love all the selections. Why not just change up the styles when you decide to wear them to get different looks (personally,I am not loving the little hearts,sorry ) ? The red shoes, and red belt is chic . Love your haircut as well. It all suits you very well.

  15. I vote for the white hem (it adds something very chic) for sure. And I think it would be adorable with the white hem and the red bow.

    Also, I mean this in the least creepy way possible, but your legs are adorable.

  16. I can't decide – I like all the looks. The heart pockets particularly make me smile, but I don't think it's necessarily the best "lool."

  17. hey cuz!
    Just thought i'd leave you a quick note to say how great your blog is…your dad told my mum about it πŸ™‚
    p.s. i like the heart shaped pockets! very cute xx

  18. Have you thought about cinching it at the waist and pairing it with a pair of bootcut pants and some killer heels.

  19. Hi Lilli,

    Off the topic, but I love your hair. It'd be great if you could do a post on the different hairstyles you've had during your time on frocks & frou frou.

  20. Great legs! You encouraged me to use a short dress too! I tought that I was not so tanned to use a dress like this one in Brazil but your legs look amazing!

  21. well, I love the dress in the first pic with the belt. Maybe swap the brown belt for an equally awesome one in red?

  22. coming out of hiding to say–add the extra fabric at the bottom! totally transforms the dress into something sexy and chic.

  23. I really love the hem idea! It just makes it a little more streamlined and fitted.

    Also, love the blog! Definitely jealous of your great sense of style.

  24. I like option 3, with the heart pockets, but with the red belt as well πŸ™‚ Gorgeous!

  25. Completely forgot to comment first time – but option 1 is my favourite, definitely! xx

  26. I LOVE option two with the added length, very sophisticated, and I think it does wonders for your shape and figure (you look smokin'). The bow is also super cute. You have a knack for style!

  27. bow and belt are the best, belt makes it more elegant and bow more flirty:D both are breaking optic illusion od waveing stripes for me @@ i like to watch Your blog, greetings:)

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