Best Laid Plans…

Top: Barkins
Skirt: DIY
Shoes: Zensu
Dear, oh dear. Best laid plans and all that.
Of course, as soon as I decided it was cold enough to do a boot feature Melbourne decided that actually, no, it hadn’t had enough of summer yet, and we’re back into the high twenties, so I’m back in skirts and short sleeves.
I’m actually not sold on this outfit, but I’m SO SICK of my wardrobe that it probably has less to do with the look not working, and more to do with the fact that I just desperately want to pack all this warm weather stuff away and not look at it again for a few months.

5 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans…

  1. Love that top… the ruffle is really pretty and feminine. x. I know what you mean about wait for winter at home, it gets like that huh? You wait, soon you'll be all wrapped up and missing the site of your arms and legs! x.

  2. i am loving this surprise summer in autumn weather. love the ruffled top. you are a beauty!

  3. Am the opposite in UK we keep getting glimmers of spring then its back to icy temps again!! I was being ever so hopeful when i packed my winter wardrobe away a few wks ago!!

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