Frugal February: It’s a Wrap

Shoes: Wittner
This dress is the closest thing that I’ve come to the Perfect Wrap Dress. And it was cheap!
I think it’s the print that makes it particularly flattering since it sort of dazzles the eye and detracts attention from my tummy.
Usually I belt it, or wear it with a contrasting cardigan to give it a bit of colour, but today was very hot, and it was definitely a case of less-is-more.
I’ve seen a few nice wrap dresses recently online at a Melbourne shop called “Sprinkle Emporium” and if I weren’t on Frugal February (emphasis on the “frugal”!) I’d be very tempted by the Bella Fiora.

8 thoughts on “Frugal February: It’s a Wrap

  1. Lovely! I almost wore a wrap dress today, too, but I think I'll wait till next week, and hope it gets a little warmer!

  2. That's a lovely dress. And isn't the weather a stinker? I can stand the warm days, but the warm nights are killing us. We have no a/c in the bedroom. 🙁

  3. Love this dress on you! Am desperately trying not to buy anything much at the moment so shopping is not a good idea for me at the moment! I will live vicariously through others and shop my wardrobe for a while…

  4. Very cute dress, and you look great in it. I've never heard of Harris Scarfe, but I see from their website there is one at Shellharbour. Will have to check it out next time I am there. Wonder why they don't have stores in Sydney city?

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