Frugal February: Blossoming

Jeans: Sussan
Top: Katies
Shoes: Wittner
I bought this top at the very beginning of this year half price at Katies. I like it – I’m usually a bit iffy about billowy tops (not usually recommended for F cups!) but it teams up well with the narrow leg jeans from Sussan.
Narrow leg jeans are one of those rule-breaker items – like horizontal stripes – that curvier figures are supposed to steer away from but really shouldn’t.

Hands-down, my favourite pair of Narrow-Leg jeans at the Tempt Narrow’s from Embody but my well-loved pair have finally given up the ghost. If you’re really daring and are after a true skinny-fit, you can check out the new range at Svoboda or the Asos Jeggings.

13 thoughts on “Frugal February: Blossoming

  1. Good luck in your Frugal Challenge! I bet you'll be so proud at the end, but you should offer yourself a 'Get Outta Jail Free' kinda card, just in case you walk passed a killer shop sale.

    You also have so many great items of clothing, so I bet your Feb will look unreal!

  2. you look fab as always, but as for "skinny" jeans and me 😉 they seem always too skinny and all I get is the look of tied sausage with too much of everything! maybe Svoboda jeans are different and I would look better than in what they sell in shops here but… It's just too expensive to risk buying and sending back and paying duty…
    floral top is just mmm 😀

  3. Oh you got me onto Embody jeans ages ago and they are easily the best jeans I have ever worn. I keep buying them on the ebay store or when they're on special and as a result I have 5 pairs (! – well, please forgive me because I went up a size and had to restock) I have both tempt and tempt narrow and the tempt narrow are so, so, so just the right combo of narrow but not 'skinny' and yet accommodating for my hips. You're right about narrow leg jeans – I look like I have a giant fishtail when I wear bootcut. Not attractive.

  4. The top looks fantastic on you, you look great. Really envying your obvious warm weather, we're still in sweaters, boots and coats on this end of the world! I'm just about to put up my outfit today.

    DuoBoots is having a huge sale of 70% and their prices on some of their boots are beyond fantastic. It is so hard to hold back today!

    Apropos shoes: I can't wait to wear ballerina shoes again!

  5. No jeggings!! Those things should be burnt (sometimes in my darker moments I think this should happen whilst still on the wearer to teach them a lesson). They DO NOT look good on anyone. Thin people just look stupidly bony and larger ladies just should not go there at all.

    But perhaps I should look at some Embody narrows at some point. You make it look workable. 🙂 (though my arse is an order of magnitude larger than yours at least)

  6. LOL, I like that idea, Veronica Darling!

    It's cute, isn't it bowsnhearts?

    Thanks m. The Svoboda skinnies are pretty skinny – if you decide to splurge an a pair I'd suggest a pair of narrow leg instead 🙂

    Thanks nellah 🙂

    That's so great C! They really are the best jeans I think. And they're so affordable in the eBay store!

    LOL, thanks Stephenie! We can swap for a while, if you like? It's been so hot & sticky today – I'm craving the cooler months.

    Thanks Jen, Ms B & Sarah-Jo 🙂

    LOL @ suze2000! Tell us what you really think! 😉 Actually, I'm with you – not a bit fan of Jeggings, but I've had a few readers ask me recently how to find true skinny jeans for curvy girls with slimmer legs…

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