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It’s been SO DAMN HOT in Melbourne over the last few days (43 degrees celsius yesterday, 34 today – that’s 109 farenheit & 93. No kidding) that I haven’t gone anywhere but bed to cold shower to lounge room to fridge to lounge room to bed to cold shower. Rinse & repeat.

Between laughing at the cat for acting like it’s the END OF THE WORLD so we may as well just fall over sideways and DIE and feeling sorry for myself because it really is pretty unbearable out there I’ve been killing time on that most excellent of procrastination sites, Etsy.
I’ve been trawling through everyone else’s favourites lists and have found some really great items, so I though – in lieu of a an actual wardrobe shot – I’d share these instead.

Skirt: Anayana

Dress: ouma

Dress: yystudio

Dress: ouma

Dress: yystudio

skirt: device

Have any great etsy shops to share? Post ’em below!

15 thoughts on “Follow The White Rabbit

  1. The first two dresses look so cute! I have been looking at ouma's dresses for a while. I love them, the problem is that they are a tad exxy.

    I love the cat! Lol! That's how my bf is looking at the moment. Haha!

  2. Thanks for adding me to the list! You have some of my favorite etsy clothing sellers on here 🙂

    And yes, that was a dress I made a while back… it was from Colette Patterns. She is a fabulous indie pattern designer in Portland.

    Check out her entire line

    The Garbologist's Wife

  3. I love all of these, I could never pick just one. Thanks for posting this, I'm think I'm going shopping on Etsy now 🙂

  4. OMG the first SEVEN dresses have me completely drooling!!! REALLY nice finds, thank you for sharing them!!! xxx

  5. Ooh some gorgeous finds.. I have a wedding coming up .. ouma might have something for me.
    The thought of shopping for a frock is freaking me out!


    I am a size 24/apple shape and Jodell made me a beautiful dress that fit perfectly.Everything is custom made and she has no size restrictions. Very unique and flattering. She is amazing !

  7. Thanks for the suggestions girls! Some really great stores in there! I'll have to do another feature on Etsians I think!

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