More Bang For Your Buck

Top: Barkins
Striped Top: Giordano
Jeans: Sussan
Yes, Hi, Hello! It’s Lilli here! Last time I posted I was complaining about how it was INSANELY hot in Melbourne, and how we were all melting, and today I’m in jeans and woolies. Welcome to Melbourne, folks!
Sorry about the nearly a week’s absence – it’s been a busy one with familial visitations, new (adorable!) housemates, and an epic scavenger hunt that has left me, even three days later, rubbery-legged with exhaustion.
It was enormously good fun, but I feel like I should explain myself to anyone who may have recognised me on Saturday.
It. Wasn’t. My. Fault.
Among the more obscure tasks that were set for the team, one of the instructions was that the most “stylish” member was to be sent back to home base. Our captain – The Sophisticate – sent me.
At home base, us poor “Stylish” sods were presented with a hodge podge collection of the worst op-shop finds and told to choose a top, a bottom, and an accessory making up an outfit that we would have to wear for THE REST OF THE DAY.
I ended up with this:
Top: Kermit The Frog via The Muppet Show
Skirt: Clingy Polyesters R Us
Headscarf: My Worst Nightmare
Shoes: Wittner
Still, I got off reasonably lightly. Later in the evening The Sophisticate subjected himself to being photographed wearing nothing but a king-size chocolate bar wrapper.
We’re all class.

8 thoughts on “More Bang For Your Buck

  1. The second pic is so cute!!! I wish I saw you on that day! The colours were so bold.

    I love how you style your hair in your own outfit.

    True, it has been freezing this past few days. Grrr…

  2. The horror of having to wear something that isn't carefully matched and co-ordinated. You poor thing. I hope the rest of the day was a lot more fun than that!

  3. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. That's awesome and sounded like so much fun! Glad you're out there havin a hoot, it's great to see smiley Lili!

    I too would be interested to see the 'kingsize' pic… 😉 lol

    Love your work!

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