Running Away to the Circus

Jeans: Sussan
Shoes: Ben Sherman @ Solestruck

Said a reluctant good bye to Mum yesterday afternoon before hitting the Nancybird warehouse sale in Northcote to finally realise my dream of owning a Nancybird handbag of my own. It was madness at the sale, but I managed to snap up a handbag, and a wide belt for a song.
Meanwhile check out the amazing necklace that my little sister gave me for Christmas:

Necklace: Gifted by my Little Sister

14 thoughts on “Running Away to the Circus

  1. Wow Lilli! You look sooo slim in that outfit! I can never carry off jeans! They make my thighs look so hugh!!


  2. 😀 you have amazing Girls in your Family! I'm a little jealous 😛
    3 beautiful and wonderful women :):):)
    you look like teenager wearing jeans and shirt, really! magical creature you are for sure 🙂

  3. Sisters are awesome! I have 2 myself & I love them to bits. Little sisters will never grow up in my eyes. We watch out for each other. Your sister has great taste in picking out this necklace.

    Those shoes are my favourite! I'd so love to own them myself!

  4. Crap I wish I'd known about that Nancybird sale before. 🙁 I've always wanted that exact bag as well. 🙁

    And ditto the comment about how slim you look in those jeans. What are you doing, and can I have some too?

  5. You rock casual. You look like you've lost 15lbs in that outfit from just last week. Amazing.

    Necklace is awesome – hair, even better. I'm contemplating bangs again…

  6. Your Mum and Sister are beautiful as are you. Enjoying your blog here in Florida, US, you inspire me to use what I have differently. Thanks! And…..
    What an extrodinary necklace. Lucky you!

  7. LOL, I'll ask her, Tabitha. I know it was from a stall at the Night Markets in Melbourne, but I'm not sure what!

    Thanks Miss Kiki – I love it, it's got a great scooped neck at the back too, which is nice & cool.

    Thanks, bowsnhearts – it's all in the camera angle, I think. I definitely didn't look that slim in person!

    Thanks, Sonia & m. 🙂

    She does, doesn't she Chloe – I love it so much, it's very much my style 🙂

    Hi Suze – I think they do the sales pretty regularly. Sign up on the website and they'll send you an email.

    Thanks DJ. I'm so glad I decided to go back to the bangs – I love 'em!

    Thanks also, Kellt, Cathy & Jen

  8. I believe the necklace is by Tatty Devine, though I've never seen it in gold, just acrylic. All of her stuff is awesome, and makes me curse the currency exchange rate.

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