Frockapalooza: Day 21 – Swinging In the Rain

Dress: Lily via Nordstrom
Shoes: Schuh
Cardigan: Portmans
Brooch: Sportsgirl
Spent another day in drenching rain, which always makes carstock a bit of a downer.
I’m looking down the barrel of a few weeks well-deserved holiday though with tomorrow my last day, so I’ve got a smile on my face.
I’m so insanely tempted to buy another pair of these shoes, I love them that much, but I’m wondering if that would be a GOOD purchase (i.e. I have a back-up pair when these Go-To-God) or BAD (irresponsible spending when you already have an identical pair).
Also, shh, don’t tell anyone but I’m spending the evening in JEANS on account of being invited to a student film festival by The Sophistcate and wanting to look more like a Hip Young Thing than I ever manage to pull off in dresses and cardigans. Don’t judge me if you see me 😉

9 thoughts on “Frockapalooza: Day 21 – Swinging In the Rain

  1. Are those shoes comfy?

    I have spent so much time in really uncomfortable cute shoes that I am totally off buying shoes for a while.

  2. The shoes are gorgeous. Was the Hingee from Canberra Grammar in the HSC honours list a relly? If so congrats to them!

  3. It takes so much time and money to find a good, comfortable pair of shoes that I think it's definitely worth buying a backup pair or two.

  4. Well, last aummer it was very funny to me when you used to wearing your coat and now that it's the winter in Europe and summer in Australia I am just jealous!

  5. i love the combination!
    the colours works great together.
    how comfy are those shoes? i will love a pair of comfy pretty shoes if they are available.

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