Frockapalooza: Day 22 – Last Call

Dress: Barkins
Shoes: Zensu
Today was my last day at work, hurrah!
As of tomorrow it’ll be all about sleeping in, chilling out, reading, relaxing, and – oh! – FINISHING MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!
Usually I’m one of these anally retentive types who get their Christmas shopping done by October (sorry). I even have a spreadsheet. It has names, ideas for presents, what I ended up choosing, whether it’s been bought, and whether it’s been wrapped. Seriously.
This year – despite not having to shop for the Ex’s family as well as my own – I’m completely behind the eight ball.
So this weekend, and into next week I’ll be hitting the shops in a fervor with my sister.
Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Frockapalooza: Day 22 – Last Call

  1. Hello Lilli!

    I have work until X'mas Eve! But that's better than me not having enough hours at all. The woes of a fresh graduate in a casual job..sigh!

    Looking lovely as usual!

  2. LOVE this dress on you, in fact, if i was so slack, i would've gone and bought myself one just like it. Effortlessly COOL!

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