Frockapalooza: Day 20 – a Brief Interlude

Shoes: Zensu
I bought this dress almost a year ago for an absolute steal ($35 down from $240 from the Perri Cutten outlet on Bridge Road) but today I actually want to segue away from Frockapalooza to tell you that I found REALLY CUTE UNDIES at Best & Less of all places. The ones below went up to a size 18, and there’s a very similar new range called “Pretty Looks Plus” which go up to a size 26 (from memory). And they’re between $5 and $7 each. Bargain!

8 thoughts on “Frockapalooza: Day 20 – a Brief Interlude

  1. Cute nautical undies!

    I love nautical themed anything!

    I went crazy at Peter Alexander last month when they had nautical PJs!

  2. You know, it's not that I can't find cute undies, the problem for me is that they aren't wide enough at the rear of the gusset (ie, across the bottom of my arse). And they ride up like a mofo and drive me insane if they aren't right in that area.

    I used to buy my undies from Victoria's Secret, but the last lot I bought SUCKED. Not only have they started skimping on the cut, but the elastic is different now, and the combination of the two means you're left with an almost-g within minutes of putting them on! Grrr.

    And don't get me started on how much I hate elastane in knickers. It's fine in winter, but makes you sweat like a pig (with the resultant accompanying smell) in Summer. Grrr.

    Also, cute dress.

  3. I have bought a no of pairs of those super cute undies from best & less. They are so comfy to wear everyday and my my hubby always says lovely things when I wear them too. Bugger spending lots of money now!

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