Frockapalooza: Day 16 – Sherbert

Dress: Torrid
Cardigan: Portmans
Shoes: “Kokoda Collection” from Monambi
Headband: Mimco
Brooch: Hand-Me-Down
This dress really divided people last time I wore it, so you’ve not seen it on Frocks & Frou Frou for a while.
The psychadelic poppy print, and acidic colours don’t seem to be to everyone’s taste, but it reminds me of lemon sherbert and is perfect for hot summery days.
Pity today wasn’t one of them!
Still, it was a nice enough day, and I spent it on Brunswick Street and at the Rose St Markets with a friend completely failing at doing Christmas shopping.
I’m really going to have to start being logical and serious about shopping for gifts – this is getting ridiculous! I’m usually wrapped and ready to go by now!

8 thoughts on “Frockapalooza: Day 16 – Sherbert

  1. I was fairly certain I saw you in the distance at Rose Street today and now I know for sure!

    I think this is a lovely outfit – eyecatching but beautifully put together.

  2. i own this dress too, and i get compliments any time i wear it. i think the print on it is photographing as harsher than it looks in person.

  3. Thanks 2paw 🙂

    s-j Yep that was me! Love the Rose St Markets. Love Markets in general!

    I love them too, bowsnhearts. I overkilled on them a few years ago, culled the lot, then didn't wear them for ages, but I'm just starting to embrace them again

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