Frockapalooza: Day 15 – Snuggly

Belt: Cynch
Shoes: Ben Sherman via Solestruck
Sunglasses: Versus

Owl Brooch: From the Camberwell Markets
Horse Brooch: Gifted
CatRabbit Brooch: Catrabbit

Another surprise appearance!

This dress is one of my favourites simply because it’s so snuggly and cuddly with its cashmere and cowl neck.
It’s a bit drab with the self-belt that came with it, so I usually team it with one of the belts that I have in my collection.
I also like to wear it with a little clutch of brooches which I hear are making a comeback at the moment.
I love brooches, and they’re fabulously collectible, but I always feel a little old-fashioned when I’m wearing just one so I often try to put together a little set that complement one another.
Sometimes this is easer said than done.

5 thoughts on “Frockapalooza: Day 15 – Snuggly

  1. I love brooches too! I have a little drawer filled with brooches of all sorts. I don't get to use them all often enough!

    What lipgloss are you using? It's such a lovely shade!

  2. If in doubt about the brooches, just remember that Marni has the models wearing them every season – it's not dowdy, it's just fashion forward!

  3. I wear a brooch almost every day. Maybe I need to do a Broochapalooza!! Love your little collection that you're wearing all at once!

  4. I'd never thought about doing the multiple brooch thing, it looks fantastic! I'm going to pinch that one! One always seemed a little lost on me.

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