Frockapalooza: Day 14 – The Melbourne Uniform

Shoes: Zu
Necklace: No Idea! Bought in Canberra.

Gosh, I must’ve looked particularly sedate today, because I had a few people comment on how… well, funereal I looked.

It’s a Frockapalooza without a lot of Frou Frou to lighten it, but I was dashing out the door late this morning, and couldn’t quite figure out how to jazz it up in the time I had allotted myself (i.e. none)
Still, there’s nothing really out of the ordinary with a black dress and nude heels. Hell, it’s practically the official uniform of Melbourne Women.

4 thoughts on “Frockapalooza: Day 14 – The Melbourne Uniform

  1. Hello Lily,

    I contacted the seller a while back regarding an alchemy little black dress after seeing your dress in a previous post.

    I still love the way the dress fits on you. 🙂

  2. I think this dress is less about the color, and more about how well it fits you. I love the sleeves. The length is perfect. It's a great canvas for accessories.

    But pink shoes would have been awesome! Do you own pink ones?

  3. i actually laughed out loud when i read about the melbourne uniform, partly because you are too right and partly because i looked down to find myself donning that particular outfit, albeit in a more casual way. in any case, you look very, very sophisticated…dedspite the lack of frou frou! at least sophistication is what us melbourne girls will keep telling ourselves when we frock up all in black!

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