Frockapalooza: Day 17 – Purple

Dress: Bravissimo
Shoes: Zu
Right, that’s it. This dress is being retired. I love the colour, the fit is sublime but I’m completely and utterly fed up with the quality of the material.
I ironed this wretched thing yesterday in preparation for today’s Frockapalooza (and let me tell you, ironing is a Big Deal in my household) and all it was doing was hanging in the closet, but STILL – when I put it on this morning it fell into wrinkles, huggged my tummy, outlined my underpants and generally made itself as cheap and unappealing as it could.
Bravissimo, you’ve had your chance. No more sub-rate jersey for me. If, IF I ever order from you again, I’ll only be venturing into your silk & cotton blend dresses. This shabby, thin viscose elastane has got to go. Give Yuliya at Igigi a call – she’ll tell you how to make a decent jersey dress without skimping on quality.

9 thoughts on “Frockapalooza: Day 17 – Purple

  1. I agree with Louise – it still looks gorgeous and purple is definitely your colour!! I'm inspired by Frockapalooza to go and buy a dress now!!

  2. Hello!

    I can't tell that the dress is wrinkly at all!!!

    I wish I am like you – I am too lazy. I don't like to iron unless absolutely necessary. Haha!

  3. Bravissimo is no good? Awwww… I've been eyeballing their stuff on eBay and so far the jackets and structured things I've bought have been fab. Pity they use thin fabric. Bah.

  4. purple is definitely your colour. I don't even like purple – I live in the hills, it's only seen in thai fisherman pants and tie-dye here, but you make me rethink!

  5. I could touch all those jersey stuff in Glasgow and honestly, the cheapest primark dresses are the same quality or better 😉 so I never even tried Bravissimo clothes 😉 anyway, you look absolutely amazing in EVERY dress you wear (still trying to learn more adjectives 😉 so not very active with comments ;))
    big big huuuuuuuuug from snowy PL
    winter finally came and is gonna stay, I had to buy new winter boots :> I'm gonna announce bankruptcy soon :>
    Oh well… maybe you could give me 6 lucky numbers (1-49) and then I won't feel as b?ech as I feel now 😉
    (b?ech = blah)

  6. could you salvage it by wearing a slip or something underneath?

    I usually avoid jersey like the plague because so much of it is baaaad. I do not need my thighs highlighted, thank you very much, cheap jersey! I did get given a gorgeous jersey dress though, that was clinging in all the wrong places, but it looks ok if I wear a shapewear tube thing I have under it… but it's definitely too hot for that in Brisbane between the months of August – May 😀

  7. See, I think it looks lovely on you in the photos. It's totally your colour too! I have the same dress in black and it's not bad at all. I think the colour makes you more conscious of where it hits and skims the body. Like you I have had hits and misses with Bravissimo – really happy with the bras I have purchased there but not so much the clothing. Pity, because the concept of clothing that fits girls with ample cleavage is good.

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