Just a Mo

Top: Second Hand, but you can find a similar one here
Skirt: DIY
Shoes: Wittner
This poor old DIY skirt has been sitting, nay, languishing in my closet for months, snubbed because it’s a shoddy home-made skirt, it’s white, and I have to be full of swagger to feel confident enough to wear it because it’s snuggly tight.
Well, I was having one of those swaggery days today, so I unearthed it, and remembered why I like it so much.
I know that wearing white bottoms is supposed to be one of those Great Big No-No’s for curvy girls (like horizontal stripes and narrow leg jeans) but I’ve never been particularly good at caring what the Fashion Police like to dictate so ner to them. I think white bottoms look hot. Especially in the warmer months.
On another topic: The ‘stash
Hopefully you’ve all heard about Movember.
The idea is that to promote men’s health issues, particularly prostate cancer and depression, in the month of November (Or Movember) you can be sponsored to grow a mustache.
Unfortunately, not all of us are capable of that particular feat, so instead how about sponsoring someone who does have the necessary chromosomes?
The divine Fiona’s equally divine Chris (who’s up there as one of my five favourite boys of all time!) has decided to go the mo, and I’d encourage y’all to toss a few pennies in his direction.

10 thoughts on “Just a Mo

  1. I am a chubbster and I LOVE stripes. They are my signature thing. Oh yes. Plus I recently discovered that being short and hippy, straight leg (narrower) jeans actually suit me WAY MORE than any other pair of bootleg or whathaveyou. You, obviously, look white hot, Uh huh. No doubt about it.

  2. I have a horizontal stripe top with a bib type frill, so so wrong for my boobs but I love them.

    On the topic of bras from a few posts back my son tells me that I could donate my old bras for refugee families to use as tents!

    I usually avoid white/light might give it a go!

  3. Oh Lian, you are the loveliest thing! Chris will be stoked to see this, and maybe I'll get another couple of hours of him being relaxed about his mo instead of anxious about it.

    Also, you need to wear that skirt all the time because it is stunning, but you know my emotions towards black and white (best combination of all time!) (along with black and white and red – swoon.)

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