Gone With The Trend

Top: Estelle @ Myer
Pants: Crossroads
Never fear, gentle readers – I’m neither the walking wounded, nor attempting to start some mad new trend of bandaged upper arms. After a short and somewhat annoying hiatus, I’ve had the Rod Of Power (all hail the Rod Of Power!) reinstalled in my arm, and the bandage is to minimise any bruising. Also, to elicit sympathy from The Girl Whisperer.
On the topic of trends though, I have to guiltily admit that I’ve finally caved, and bought myself a pair of harem pants.
I swore I wouldn’t. I was convinced that they were one of those trends that I’d happily let pass me by, like suspenders or tie dye.
I like these though, they’re a bit dressier than most harem pants. Actually, I’d be tempted to call them knickerbockers, because they have styling more familiar with suit trousers than hammer pants.
And thank God for that

10 thoughts on “Gone With The Trend

  1. Ah Lilli, I have been living in the great comfort of harem pants for about a month now, and life has never been better 🙂 they are flattering, comfortable and just the right amount of quirky – thank the heavens for this curve friendly trend!

  2. Hi Lilli,
    Love the pants! I've been eyeing off the pair from the Sara range for a while now, but I think yours look better! Are they currently in store at Crossroads? I might have to look for a pair! Either that or bite the bullet and get the Sara pair.
    Good luck with the rod of power (haha!) I had one put in about a month ago and well… it's mostly been bad news so far. I hope yours works out better!
    Also I'd like to share that I have been *trying* to post to the Vogue forum (the plus size thread) for about a month or so, very unsuccessfully so far! I think I've posted 6 posts now, I wonder how long the moderators take before they decide you're worthy of participating…!!
    Take Care, Nellah.

  3. Lilli I think the harem pants look great on you. I'm just not a pants woman for some reason, I much prefer dresses and skirts.

    Nellah come over to CurvyChic (google CurvyChic,net) on Google Australia. There's a lot of VoguePlus Size girls on there, I actually haven't been on VoguePlusSize in ages.

  4. love the pants you may just have changed my mind about harem pants- although they look far classier than most harem pants I have seen.

  5. OUCH! Your poor arm.

    I hope that you are getting the appropriate amounts of sympathy, tenderness, care and appreciation (bandage does help the cause though, no?).

    You look hot in those pants. Delicious outfit (as usual)!


  6. these pants are not a fashion crime! They look really good on you! I think the baaaad harem pants are the ones made from stretchy/slinky, clingy material. God, they look bad on EVERYONE! But these ones of your are HOT!

  7. Hear, hear Hayley. It's like the Frock of the Pants world, right?

    Hi Nellah – yep, they're current season at Crossroads. Heaps cheaper than the Sara range, too 🙂 This is actually the third time I've had the Implanon. So far so good! I know it's pretty notorious for not working for others though… The Vogue Forum's SOOOO slow to get confirmed. I wish they'd sort it out, but you'll get there

    Hi D_H – thanks for that 🙂

    It took me a while to be convinced too, Sandra. That's why I think I'd rather call these knickerbockers! 😉

    Hey, Darling Haz-Mo's Mamma. I'm getting PLENTY of sympathy. Totally milking it, too!

    Thanks for that, Plus Size Clothes!

    I agree, Gembalina… It's the droopy crotches I can't get a handle on!

  8. Just wanted to say thanks! I check your site every day for the vicarious experience–I live in Fairbanks, Alaska, and my local option for clothes shopping is the grocery store. Also, in a place where many people live in cabins without running water and the temps are often -40F for weeks on end, practicality definitely takes precedence over style–it's all about function not fashion. Ah, sigh… Thanks, again!

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