Change of Pace

Singlet: Target
Belt: City Chic
Skirt: Sussan
Shoes: Zu
Hello again!
Please excuse my absence – work’s heating up at the moment as Christmas looms in the booktrade. I love this time of year, it’s kind of a if-you-can’t-beat-it-join-it kind of time when I like to embrace tacky Christmas earrings, and carols, and present buying and all that palaver.
I spent the weekend visiting with The Sophisticate’s parents in their extraordinary house in the country. It’s one of those amazing places that are packed to the gills with bits and pieces, collections of antiques, random dusty books and art, art, art everywhere! I can imagine it featuring in some old-fashioned children’s book where visiting kids become lost in their own world (on another one) within its walls.
They would certainly have had to over this last weekend, because The Sophisticate and I brought the rain down with us and we were delightfully, deliciously homebound for the majority of out visit.
After a week or so of consistently more than 30 degree days the change was utterly welcome, but I was a bit uprepared and (oh woe) had to buy a cardigan to keep me warm.
I settled for this amazing green Friends Of Couture cardigan, which is virtually the same bottle green as my new Veronika Maine jacket
Also, they’re not exactly tacky tinsel Christmas Earrings, but I’m loving these new earrings, bought at Sinc Homewares in Beaumaris. For days I saved the little label that said what brand they were (pigeon something??) but of course the moment the time came to blog them I’ve lost the damn thing and my Google-Fu is failing me. If I find it again I’ll update this post.
Earrings: ??? via Sinc Homewares

10 thoughts on “Change of Pace

  1. bah! lucky you! you look great!!!! I'm trying to find something black and no luck, everything looks ugly… I hate dress-code 😛 why the things you need the most are always "not available"? :/

  2. Good thing your name's not Violet, or we'd have to call you "Shrinking Violet".

    I like that belt Lilly, went to find it on the CityChic site but couldn't.

  3. "Shrinking Violet", sorta what I thought too. I can't visit here mch longer, you are not living up to my definition of "curvy". but, you do look beautiful. Good luck to you. 😀

  4. Thanks Bec 🙂

    Poor M. I get where you're coming from. Melbourne in winter is all about black. Are you allowed to jazz it up with lots of colourful accessories at least?

    Hi D_H – I just bought it a week ago, so it might be new… have you tried instore?

    Thanks Bethamint! I have yet to find a Friends of Couture cardigan that hasn't made me drool.

    Thanks Nefertiti 🙂

    Hi Annie, I'm sorry to hear that. I don't know that I'm really losing weight though – I certainly haven't changed any of my habits, but maybe I'm just carrying myself differently these days. Oh well..

    Thanks Chloe – so do I! They had them in other colours too, it was so tempting to buy the hot pink!

    LOL @ bowsnhearts. They do the best cardigans, don't they?

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