Dress: City Chic
Melbourne’s in the grip of unseasonably hot weather right now, meaning I’ve had to unearth all of my summer frocks, including last year’s maxi.
Thank God, maxi’s seem to be back in this season, because it took me long enough to find one that worked on my body, and I was looking forward to getting some more wear out of it.

11 thoughts on “Heatwave

  1. That is one fab maxi dress! Love the colour. Hope this weather cools down a little – we've been copping it in Canberra too!

  2. if you ever feel the desire of throwing this dress, throw in my direction, PLEASE! Fab dress, fab shoes! and FAB GIRL 🙂
    (rain rain rain here, very depressing ;))

  3. (removed last comment to condense into one comment 😉

    That dress is just lovely! I'd love to find something like that to wear here in Brisbane…

    Noticed that you got it from CityChic. I went in there on Monday, and was severely underwhelmed with their stock. Everything is so DARK 🙁 I'm one for jewel colours and vibrant colours – but seriously, everything was black, with maybe some purple, red and dark blue mixed in. A dress or two that was white floral… very disappointing.

  4. Long Live the Maxi, hider of multitude of sins, lady like, colourful and fun! Let every summer be full of Maxi dresses! And double points for the teal shoes – another fave!

  5. That maxi is so great on you! I am yet to find the right maxi for my enormous boobs and that one seems roolly great 🙂 Did you have to take it in under the bust at all, it just seems to fit you really well?

  6. I had just about given up on Maxis because they tend to make me look either pregnant or bigger than I already am. This one has given me some hope.

  7. I don't know how you do it but you make putting an outfit together look so easy!

    I can never do the maxi because a) I'm only 1.5m tall and b) I haven't got much in the chest area and c) my belly sticks out to roundly.

    Gorgeous outfit and I love the blue shoes! CUTE!

  8. You know Vicci – I think I actually bake meringues at this temperature! It's definitely like living in a stove!

    Hi Michelle,
    you have – haven't you! I was visiting over the cup day weekend, and it was pretty sweltering then, too.

    LOL, I'll let you know, Magdalena! 🙂

    Hi Lauren – Yeah, I've been pretty underwhelmed by City Chic lately, too. So much strapless, man! Target had a nice maxi in their plus size department a few weeks ago – maybe check them out?

    Ah, but Ulrika – you get to enjoy boots and coats!

    Thanks, Jasie 🙂

    Hi Lisa Jane – This one actually fit perfect right off the bat – it's that kind of elastic smocked thing under the bust, so it just stretches to fit.

    Keep your eyes peeled, D_H. There's a few out there . Try Target!

    Thanks Chloe! I've got a girlfriend in the same boat as you – quite diminutive in stature. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for her, and if I spot something, I'll let you know! For the record though, I'm 1.64 tall, and there are maxi's out there that don't drag on the ground for me…

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