A Bird in the Hand

Shoes: Zu
OK. So, first up – it’s still winter. As soon as I took this picture I scurried inside (isn’t “scurried” a great word?) and donned boots and a cardigan. But first I wanted you to see the unadulterated glory of this adorable Jane Bonbon dress.
It’s part of her exciting Spring range, and I’d been pining for it for months but manfully restraining myself.
Well, restraining myself right up until the moment I spotted this amazing Echino fabric. It’s called “Bird to Hang” and it’s stupidly expensive, but it’s just adorable so I thought – since self restraint isn’t something I’ve ever been particularly good at – I’d kill two birds with one stone (so to speak) and have Jane make the dream dress in the dream fabric.

I’m very happy with the finished result, and I plan to wear it a lot once the warmer months arrive. I bought it PB (pre-breakup) but I think it’ll make an adorable “date” dress.

27 thoughts on “A Bird in the Hand

  1. I am 100% in love with that dress…WOW! Its just the perfect blend of cute and chic! Well done you!

  2. Wonder print, colors, cut, and design. I love everything about that dress! It also looks fantastic on you! Thanks for braving the winter cold to show off it's summery charms. 🙂

  3. That is such a dream dress, now I have to restrain myself from clicking the Jane Bonbon link and buying my own!

    You look so gorgeous!

  4. Lovely! I'm not crazy about the shape of the dress, but it's still really lovely!

    ~ Lolita of modern times ~

  5. Hey, long-time reader here! Just wanted to say that your use of the word "manfully" there reminds me of its use in another context…you're not a Stargate Atlantis fan are you?

  6. Fab dress Lilli! Love your style. You always look fantastic no matter what you wear and this dress is an awesome colour on you. Makes me want to get out of my black rut…

  7. Great dress Lilli! I can picture it with a cropped denim jacket for the cooler times of the year here in Melb too.

  8. Thanks Kelly! Me too!

    Aw thanks, Vanoue!

    It's fab isn't it gypsy! I love the idea of a blend between cute & chic!

    LOL, my pleasure NiNa*! It was surprisingly mild that morning, so not a chore at all. Spring is definitely coming!

    Thanks Mrs H. I do love a birdie print – I've found some amazing fabrics online, but I just couldn't go past this one!

    Thanks so much, Oranges & Apples!

    Hi Mars – ah, that's so sweet. Thankyou! I'm so loving the haircut. It's a little more effort in the mornings, but it's totally worth it.

    Lol @ Bethamint! Life's too short for restraint, surely!

    Thanks, JvG!

  9. Aw, thanks m.

    Thanks for that, Luinae, Sarah and Graybird!

    I have to admit that I've seen most episodes of Stargate Atlantis (and SG-1, of course) as Himself was a big sci-fi fan…

    Thanks Sarah-Jo, Claire, Nefertiti & Jodes.

    Miss Kitty-Cat, the green would go magnificently with your hair, but then with your astoundingly divine colouring (lucky!) you look gorgeous in black, too! I meant to ask how you went with your first pair of Duo's? The Jesolo's are great – was wearing them today, actually!

    Ooh, thanks for the suggestion, Zizzy! I saw one a few weeks ago in Dream Diva too.

    Thanks Cleosavvy – I do!

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