Kick your Black Habit

Blouse: Liz Jordan
Cardigan: Barkins
Boots: Reiker Antistress via Shoebuy
OK, so it must be admitted that – considering the city I live in – I don’t actually wear a great deal of black. I like my colours a lot, and black isn’t something that I find to be particularly flattering, especially in winter when I’m feeling pretty pale and drab at the best of time.
Black works magnificently in the right situation. It can be elegant and understated. It’s timeless and it can make a great base outfit to showcase an amazing accessory. But I suspect that most people wear it as a shield.
In Melbourne’s CBD there’s such a sea of black-clad business people that wearing an all-black outfit is the easiest way to be invisible in full sight.
I’ve always been pretty good at being invisible, but it’s not doing me any favours at the moment. Hence, the colour.

13 thoughts on “Kick your Black Habit

  1. Love your sense of style. You look like you dress to be succesful, but you don't dress to be boring.

  2. Oh I'm truly with you, hun! Wellington, NZ is a very conservative Country-Road kind of town. Black is always the new black. I love that you love colour. Your scarf game is truly on!

  3. Your blouse is just perfect, I find it tricky to wear bows like that. But perhaps I'm tying them too tight! Nice and loose looks lovely!

  4. Very cute outfit, and I also like your style, proper but fun at the same time, you've totally found yourself, and it makes you beautiful!


    ~ lolita of modern times ~

  5. So glad to hear someone say that about black. I really don't think it suits everyone, contrary to popular thinking on it. Navy looks fantastic on you! I am a big fan of navy whenever possible.

  6. I know exactly what you mean, and I am definitely a wearer of all black. I wish I could inject colour into my wardrobe with as much pizazz as you do.


  7. I know what you mean. I've been trying very hard to break my black habit in the last six months or so. This has meant I have ended up with more colorful items… that I wear with black and grey 😉
    I'm still not overly confident combining two or more non neutral colors in the one outfit. Baby steps I suppose 🙂

  8. I love your brighter colors, and I also like how many of your "darks" are close to black but still incorporate color, like inky blue or deep purple.

  9. Hey! I am down in Melbourne soon and was wondering what your recommendations for shopping are – for 18+ size – preferably one location with a range of choices? Ta! Sarah

  10. Thanks Luinae!

    ana b. I'd love to come visit Wellington one day – you and I could alarm all the Wellingtonites with our colour (gasp!)

    Thanks Veronica Darling – I have to admit I haven't had that much luck with pussybows in the past – I think you're right though – the lower neckline works better.

    Thanks Sarah!

    Hi Alexis – I've only just started wearing navy – it's a great colour, I agree! It's a bit warmer and more forgiving than black, and I don't think it fades as rapidly too.

    Thanks, Letilor!

    Thanks Modest Mom. I'm always a bit in awe of people who look amazing in black, but it just makes me look washed out and drab.

    Hi Sandra – you could always start small… hot red shoes or a bright belt maybe?

    Absolutely right, Sarah. It's good that you're feeling confident to wear colours, and I'm definitely with you on feeling iffy about combining non-neutral colours! I think that's why I'm always so matchy match!

  11. Would love to hear some more about the AA skirt. What size did you wear? And what is the "name" of that particular skirt? Thanks 🙂

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