We Now Return You To Your Usual Programming

T-Shirt: Myer
Jeans: Embody
Shoes Wittner
Gosh, it’s nice to be home!
Home to Himself, to my little Suki-Su, and to my (excitement!) Brand New Birthday MacBook! It’s very pretty, but I must admit I’m struggling a bit with the idiosyncrasies of the Mac OS. 
I had a lovely visit to Canberra, and managed to catch up with almost everyone. It culminated in a visit to the Handmade Market where I got to meet the gorgeous NinaRibena who is, impossibly, even cuter face to face and whose apple green jacket I’m coveting with a passion.
I also got to meet two readers! Hi! I can’t express what a buzz it was to meet you in person! Give me a shout out, because in all the crush and confusion of the day I’m not sure I got your names/monnikers!
Anyhoo. I’m happy to be back, and I have some nice little treats to premiere over the next few days! 

3 thoughts on “We Now Return You To Your Usual Programming

  1. love the skipping girl T I have that one and the balloon one also
    its great for work my preschool kids love it!
    I love the layered look now that its getting cooler

  2. You are so sweet and gorgeous!!! phew what a day… It was pretty fabulous though! Soooooo lovely to meet you too, hope you enjoyed yourself!


  3. Oh, I loved that Balloon one, Sarah-Jo, but I couldn’t find it in a size that fit 🙁
    Never mind. Hey – how’ve you found these have worn over time? I’m finding this pink one gets really shapeless really quickly.

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