A brief hiatus (to be followed by a flurry of posts)

“You iz surely not tinking of going wivvout ME???

Hi all – I’m probably going to be offline for the next five days – I’m heading up to Sydney for a work conference, then back to Canberra to catch up with the folks and celebrate my 31st birthday.

I’m taking the camera with me, so hopefully when I get back to Casa Lilli on Sunday I’ll be able to post a whole week’s worth of The Best And Brightest of the Frocks & Frou Frou Travelling Wardrobe.

In the meanwhile here’s a (very) few of my own favourite blogs (Fashion and Fun) to keep you busy – just don’t forget to come back!

Also check out the blogs from some of the F&FF followers (The F&FF Fs?) – you guys have some of the greatest blogs – I really enjoy stopping by!

8 thoughts on “A brief hiatus (to be followed by a flurry of posts)

  1. Oooh I love new blogs. Thanks for sharing. x

    Oh, and have a good time away. Happy Birthday. x

  2. Happy birthday Lilli! Just a quick question – is Suki a chocolate burmese? I have a chocolate burmese called Max!!

  3. Thanks girls – I had a most lovely birthday week and enjoyed being looked after by my Mum for a few days.
    Miss Kitty-Cat Suki IS a chocolate burmese. They’re such cheeky animals! Hey – what do you feed Max? Suki’s turning into a bit of a prima donna when it comes to food…

  4. Lilli – Max is still a baby )12 weeks and counting) so he eats A LOT. Three times a day in fact (yay for husbands who work from home)! He eats a mixture we make up for him – basically one BARF patty (raw turkey or roo mince), a tin of Kitten Advance or Science diet to which I also add some cooked chicken (one BBQ chicken lasts about 12 days – I shred and pack into the freezer in bags). That lasts him about 2 days. Over the weekend my husband gave him the end of his steak, though – and he turned up his little nose at the regular mush we gave him this morning. Fussy little bugger. No more steak for the moment – he likes it far too much and I have no desire to encourage his fussiness!

  5. KIIIIITTYYYYY!!! 😀 hehe can you tell i love cats? a little too much? >_<

    but umm, back up a second. . . thirty-one? who are you trying to fool, missy? you're at least a decade short of thirty-one. surely! O_O or my whole perception of space-time needs reevaluating. don't make me reevaluate! :'( lol

    ps: thankx for sharing your favorite links. 🙂 i don't usually enjoy purely fashion-based blogs but yours is fantastic and i'm sure whoever's on your blog roll must be pretty great too. 🙂

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