Rinse & Repeat

Dress: Cast Couture
Cardigan: Crossroads
Boots: Duo
Earrings: Jewelera
Is it too soon to wear these two again? Oh well!
The boots continue to be surprisingly comfortable – I’ve worn them all day a few times now and while I’m not suggesting that they’re the most comfortable set of footwear in my wardrobe I can still manage a bit of inner-city striding without too much difficulty.
I’ve been trying to think of different ways to wear my frill bust dress – it doesn’t look quite right with a belt, so at the moment it’s a case of dress-with-cardigan-open, dress-with-cardigan-closed, and dress-by-itself…
Not terribly innovative, it must be admitted – any suggestions at your end?

14 thoughts on “Rinse & Repeat

  1. Oh my, that looks adorable with the cardigan done up and the frill showing. Those boots are mighty lovely. How does that look go with your other red boots? (Or are you hiding your old ones from Himself to pretend that the new ones are in fact the old ones and he is remembering them incorrectly?)

    Does it work with things underneath?

    It doesn’t really need to, it looks hawt in every picture I’ve seen thus far.

  2. That’s the thing about dresses. I find them really difficult to remix.

    Would you consider layering a shirt over it? Or the right kind of shirt under it?

    I think it would look great with your red/white polka dot cardi.

    Perhaps a vest? And of course you could do it a little different with leggings perhaps?

  3. hi! i love this dress, i really think i might get one…
    though the cropped cardy is perfect, other suggestions could be, a long jacket, button down vintage style vest, a leather jacket, one of those deconstructed drapy cardy things (i tried a nice one on the other day)?And if you are ever bored and want to go shopping i would love to come!

  4. lovely — the earrings are a nice touch though the cardigan and boots call for a less creamy, more red lipstick. besame is a good brand to check.

    what kind of belt did you try? my first thought was a very thin belt, red or close to the dress color, worn high on the waist.

    the closed cardigan emphatically draws attention to your bust, personally i try to draw the gaze to my face.

  5. I like it with the cardi options. How about a shrug? That would look pretty ace and still show off all the frills at the front.

  6. have you ever tried to do like, a subtle wonder woman ensemble with those boots? not like a halloween costume. i just think it would be fun to have like, a blue skirt with some stars sewn on and a red top with a gold belt, a jangle of bracelets on each wrist and a headband.

    maybe i just have an odd sense of humor, to have an otherwise normal outfit that will make 10% of the people throughout the day do double takes. 🙂

  7. That is such a cute dress. I like how the ruffles spill over the cardi!


  8. I think it’s one of those “This is it!” items. Speaks for itself.

    Maybe change up the shoes every so often and voila!

  9. I’m another one that would suggest a shrug. I think a dark grey marle looking one would look great for winter with that dress which btw I adore!!

  10. I would love to see how it works with a longer cardi open and a belt over that. American Apparel do these long sleeve leotards also that would be perfect for layering under as they don’t ride up or look bulky.

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