The Outfit of Dorian Grey

Dress: Grace Hill @ Ezibuy
Shoes: Wittner
Like Dorian Grey (who sold his soul to look eternally spunky whilst his hidden portrait grew uglier and uglier) this dress is lovely in Real Life. It’s a gorgeous plummy colour and is made of a heavyweight jersey that drapes beautifully. It’s a mock wrap cut, meaning that I get all the benefits of a wrap dress without the “oops, there’s my knickers” surprise moments you get when confronted with a gusty day.
But. It simply doesn’t photograph well.
I forget this from time to time, and trundle out to my courtyard – camera in hand – where I spend the next twenty minutes taking photo after photo going “Maybe this one… maybe this one… maybe this one…”
Well, forty photos down, and I think I have captured the dress to the best of my modelling/photography ability – you might have to take my word for it, but it really is a very nice dress

8 thoughts on “The Outfit of Dorian Grey

  1. It looks like a nice dress from where I’m sitting!

    But I know what you mean – sometimes photos don’t do lovely things justice. So frustrating!

  2. This is just the kind of dress I could wear everyday or for a party! I love it!

  3. It’s a lovely dress and a lovely photo.

    I know what you mean when you say “oops, there’s my knickers” surprise moments. Every time I put on a dress I have this image in my head of a wind storm suddenly starting up.

  4. I love the color.

    It’s a bit clinging in the wrong areas for me to wear (the midsection)

    I tend to go toward patterns for that very reason. Solids show everything. LOL

  5. Thanks girls! Moe, you wouldn’t believe the wind tunnel I live in! I have the same knickers-flashing issues with my DIY Caterpillar skirt, which is annoying… I’m actually thinking of sewing sinkers into the hem!!

  6. Great idea about patterns, DJ – I’m actually trying to find a really great patterned wrap dress at the moment. (Come on, Bravissimo… don’t fail me now!)

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