A Night On The Town

Boots: Duo Boots
Brooch: Pirdy
Earrings: Therine & Teven
On Thursday night I had a lovely night out with two of my most fabulously fashionable girlfriends, and was finally able to properly premiere my Little Black Dress.
I’m delighted to say that it held up to being squished and packed and sat on with nary a crease to be seen, and I think I love it even more than I did when it first arrived.
I impulse bought this pair of spectacular earrings from Therine & Teven on King St Newtown while I was in Sydney for my sales conference. It was a bit of a guerrilla shop because I had to get back to the office, and while I remember going “Oh, those are nice – I’ll take them thanks” the whole experience was such a rush, and the earrings packaged up so quickly that it wasn’t until I’d unwrapped them at home that I had a really good look and realised they’d go magnificently with my Jesolo red boots.

6 thoughts on “A Night On The Town

  1. It’s a gorgeous dress; never forget that. Those red accessories are just divine too. You look wonderful! (Not that that’s a particular surprise.)

  2. LOL, Thanks hon. We’ll have to go out to some swanky vegan restaurant (do they MAKE swanky Vegan restaurants? Maybe we should just hit up the Vege Bar one night) so I can wear it for you, too.

  3. Shakahari, dude. It’s the swankiest there is. I know this because they charge prices that are on par with normal restaurants, and it astonished me when I went there that this was a vegetarian restaurant charging nineteen dollars for a main – how I harumphed. Totally worth each of those nineteen dollars, however. 🙂

    If you wear that, I’ll wear that lace/black dress I tried on with you and that I’m going back to buy next time I’m in the city. With my new stockings too, maybe.

  4. Awesome outfit, Lilli. You look fantastic in the black dress and boots… But then again, it’s always a good look!

  5. i definitely love that dress too! glad to hear you got to properly premiere it. 😛 i’d love to support etsy/mbd with a purchase once i’m on my financial feet again!

    guerrilla shop? lol! so what do you do for a living that you’re always flyin’ ’round the world conferencin’ it up? 🙂 maybe when i start traveling for work we’ll bump into each other. ^_^ hehe

  6. Hi Danimo, nothing exotic, I’m afraid – the only place I fly to in Sydney (from Melbourne) then back again! I work as a sales rep for a kids publishing company, so mostly I’m on the round in Melbourne visiting bookshops, toyshops and library suppliers

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