Ask, and Ye Shall Receive

A few readers wanted to see the unadulterated Very Hungry Lillipilli Skirt with Red Boots Edition, so here we goes:

Cardigan: Barkins
Skirt: DIY
Boots: Duo Boots
Is bright, no?
I wore this conference on Monday, so it’s actually my birthday outfit. It was a great pick-me-up, but I was surprised by the number of people working at one of Australia’s best children’s publishing houses who didn’t recognise the fabric!
Incidentally – I had the most nerve-wracking experience getting to the airport at – oh – five in the morning to catch my flight; I’d given myself an extra half hour to play with, but still managed to barely make it in time because the taxi driver managed to lock his keys and my suitcase in the taxi and after spending twenty minutes on the phone to his mechanic had to smash her rear window to rescue my precious cargo.

10 thoughts on “Ask, and Ye Shall Receive

  1. That skirt is absolutely fantastic! I love how you paired it with those fabulous red boots too 🙂

  2. They should be ashamed!hehe Everybody knows the very hungry catepillar! Happy Birfday! That outfit looks fantabulous…that cardi belt combo is perfect and those boots, well, what can I say, I love them!

  3. looks great! i wish they had “where the wild things are” fabric or “stellaluna” or even “the giving tree”!

    I am in awe of your fun fearless fashion choices!
    There are lots of things I would LOVE to wear but just dont have the nerve…..

  5. to madhouse …. I picked up a where the wild things are T shirt from jeans west a while ago, simply love it!

  6. omg! i wish i had any sewing talents whatsoever. i would love to have an eric carle top!!!

    duo boots. . . i’m gonna have to remember that. i used to run / train for the marathon in high school so my calves are too big for most boots, plus i have fairly flat feet which functions to make it harder for me to walk barefoot and harder to find the proper width shoe. haha so this entry was chock full of great tips for me. xP thankx! 😀

  7. Happy birthday Lilli!!!!!!
    May grils are so beautiful and astonishing and smart, and actually am a may girl too 😀
    I love this skirt!

  8. Thanks Mary & Kellytubbie! I was so pleased to discover how well it went with the boots!

    Hey Branwyn – I tracked down some WTWTA quilting blocks here:

    Thanks Sarah-Jo! I had a few "er, too much?" moments, but hey! As long as *I* think it looks ok, right?? You should trust your instinct and wear what you love!

    Danimo – I'm so glad! Duo Boots are fab! I have three pairs and they're all magnificent.

    Yay for May birthdays!

  9. holy guacamole you look adorable. the skirt SLAYS me. but as a mom to two little kids, i am ready to leave the hungry caterpillar years behind for a while. i do love to see eric carle repurposed so chicly, tho!

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