New Shoes Dance

Cardigan (remixed): 8Inkerman
Jeans: Svoboda
Shoes: “Kokoda Collection” from Monambi
I shall dub this the “New Shoes Dance”.
In an attempt to streamline my wardrobe for the week away I limited myself to just two pairs of shoes. I was under strict instructions to bring my ridiculous patent leather red boots, so that my financial advisor – she calls herself the “Budget Nazi” – could approve of them in person. That meant that I could only carry one other pair of shoes to go with every other outfit I’d packed.
I ummed and ahhed and finally decided to pack my Wittner Spectator Shoes (low heel, good with trousers and skirts, distinctive enough to wear with plain black dress, but goes with everything). Imagine my very great distress when four hours after putting them on I discovered one of them had lost the heel cap.
I’ve learned from experience that walking on shoes missing the heel cap is a Very Bad Idea; A) You’ll rapidly destroy the shoes, B) It’s bloody slippery – I fell over twice in twenty seconds once in the airport trying to walk on a pair of pointy-toed Diana Ferrari’s that had lost the heel cap. Hurt my knees and my pride.Β And C) It just looks really bad.
I detected the missing cap after nearly taking a tumble on the way to lunch on Tuesday, and realised that even though I’d decided that I don’t need any more shoes (seriously, have you seen my wardrobe lately?) I’d never have a better excuse. I ducked into Monambi in King Street Newtown and snaffled up this pair of turquiose flats for a song.
By the way – you want to see something weird?:

It’s the ‘rents new kitty, and she’s like a gigantic Suki! Her name’s Pixie, and she’s a Tonkinese (Suki’s a Chocolate Burmese). She was sent to live with my parents because she had “behavioural issues” that her owner couldn’t cope with. My mother’s a Psychologist with no particular experience with four-footed clients, but the same principles must apply because apart from being very loud and hilariously cross-eyed, with a shameless penchant from laps, she now seems like a perfectly nice old cat.
She also sheds copious amounts of fur, which is somewhat distressing. During my visit I almost completely depleted my mother’s stores of fur removing rollers. I wonder if I’ve been fooling myself that Suki’s fur’s not going to be much of an issue when she grows out of her soft kitten fur…

5 thoughts on “New Shoes Dance

  1. hi! glad you had a good trip. Did you know there is going to be a melbourne bloggers meet this coming sunday? and if you did, are you going to go?
    I feel on my bum down an esculator ( i don’t know how to spell it!) once, becuase i insisted on wearing shoes with no heel caps.
    It hurt!

  2. Hey Curious Rose – I was supposed to go to Book Club on Sunday, but it’s just been rescheduled. Are you going? when/where’s in on?

  3. KIIITYYY!!! πŸ˜€ she’s so adorable! i’m glad your mom’s training as a human psychologist was put to good use taming such a beautiful cat. πŸ™‚

    i’m the type of girl who doesn’t rock heels too often and when i do, i always manage to destroy them to some extent or other within days of my purchase, so i know exactly what you mean about missing caps. how do you repair that kind of thing?

    anyhow, those new shoes look so cute with that outfit! πŸ˜€ all’s well that ends well, right? πŸ˜‰

  4. haha, I remember thinking the same thing after getting out cat. It wasn't until he was about a year old that he started shedding at all. Even now, it's not really horrible, but until a year I never saw ONE HAIR come off of him.

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