A Flurry?

Vest: Barkins
Skirt: Dream Diva
Boots: Duo Boots
Here we go – the final outfit from my week away! Was that a flurry?
I have this shopping theory: that if you wear an item for as many hours as it would take to earn the money to buy it, then it’s a good investment (obviously wedding dresses don’t quite fit the bill here). It’s a bit of a flawed theory, but it’s a great way of rationalising frivolous purchases which this second pair of red boots definitely were!  I think that according to Lilli’s work/purchase theory of profitable shopping I have “paid off” these boots a few times over. Hurrah! Good investment!

8 thoughts on “A Flurry?

  1. You look lovely in ALL the photos. You look really fresh and happy. Is that how you feel? xx

  2. So glad you're back posting again! I discovered Frocks & Frou Frou this week and have been excitedly pouring over your archives. I am in love with your style. Thank you so much for creating this blog!!

  3. you make me wish i worked outside of the house so i could dress up every day.

  4. My shopping rationalization is $1/wear. It doesn’t matter how much something costs, if I will wear it enough times that the price averages out to $1 per wear, it’s worth it. So very expensive things need to last and be versatile and trendy one-season-only things need to be CHEAP.

  5. Hi Chantelle, absolutely! I’m a generally happy person most of the time! Thankyou, too!

    elsiee, I have another theory – every time someone comments on something that you’re wearing you win back 20% of the value. I have to admit I love Inz’s suggestion about the $1 a wear, too! Good way of rationalising a bigger spend on “core” items!

    Branwyn! You should dress up for yourself! (That said, I’ve been known to spend entire weekends in my dressing-gown, so I’m probably not one to talk)

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