A Flurry?

Vest: Barkins
Skirt: Dream Diva
Boots: Duo Boots
Here we go – the final outfit from my week away! Was that a flurry?
I have this shopping theory: that if you wear an item for as many hours as it would take to earn the money to buy it, then it’s a good investment (obviously wedding dresses don’t quite fit the bill here). It’s a bit of a flawed theory, but it’s a great way of rationalising frivolous purchases which this second pair of red boots definitely were!  I think that according to Lilli’s work/purchase theory of profitable shopping I have “paid off” these boots a few times over. Hurrah! Good investment!

8 thoughts on “A Flurry?

  1. So glad you're back posting again! I discovered Frocks & Frou Frou this week and have been excitedly pouring over your archives. I am in love with your style. Thank you so much for creating this blog!!

  2. My shopping rationalization is $1/wear. It doesn’t matter how much something costs, if I will wear it enough times that the price averages out to $1 per wear, it’s worth it. So very expensive things need to last and be versatile and trendy one-season-only things need to be CHEAP.

  3. Hi Chantelle, absolutely! I’m a generally happy person most of the time! Thankyou, too!

    elsiee, I have another theory – every time someone comments on something that you’re wearing you win back 20% of the value. I have to admit I love Inz’s suggestion about the $1 a wear, too! Good way of rationalising a bigger spend on “core” items!

    Branwyn! You should dress up for yourself! (That said, I’ve been known to spend entire weekends in my dressing-gown, so I’m probably not one to talk)

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