Shirt: Stall @ Shirt & Skirt Markets
Top (actually bodysuit!): Melbourne Sock Shop
Skirt: Sussan
Boots: Duo Boots
Still on the road, and enjoying my foray into the life of high-heels. 
Thought I’d take the opportunity today to wear my red boots. 
This may have actually been a mistake – my authors good-naturedly deemed them “naughty” – but our first event took place at a very militant Catholic boys school, and they received more than a few raised eyebrows from some of the older staff and rather uncomfortably lascivious attention from one male staff member in particular. 
Ah well, I’ll be back into flats tomorrow as we’ll be storming around the city on foot.

12 thoughts on “Sinful

  1. you can’t help yourself being so luscious and all… those school masters would have drooled over you even in your flats… sounds like a personal problem- theirs! you look fab!

  2. LOVE this outfit lil – and i LOVE the bodysuit. so cosy and warm. maybe i should invest in some…you are looking even more fantastic lately, are you slimming down?

  3. lilli, I loooove your shirt! I have been meaning to get to one of the Skirt and Shirt market days, and will miss the June one – bugger! Did they have lots of lovely things for plus sizes? Is it worth the trip? Also about to place my first Duo order… yay!

  4. very pretty blouse, i would like to see it’s chinoiserie carried through, perhaps a long black godet skirt, or straight legged cropped pants, and a black cropped cardigan. the blouse and the chic boots seem from a different realm than the white undershirt and jean skirt.

  5. I am very much in love with your denim skirt as well. I have tried to keep an eye out for one this winter, but it’s just not working. And I am assuming it’s something that’s been in the wardrobe for a while? 🙂

    I very much love your style, and think you look fantastic.

  6. Aawww lili 🙁 You are a very attractive young woman, please don’t let the attentions of a jerk stop you from rocking your lovely red boots.

  7. Schools (esp. Catholic schools) can be very conservative. I think you look fine.

    I want to hear more about the authors!!

    Hee, I just bought a bodysuit the other week. My mother shook her head.

  8. Lilli, Catholic school boys love boots and heels and sexy stockings, so they’d adore the red ones.

    IF Bubblebeeknits reads this again, let her know that Sussan have great denim skirts again this year.

  9. Thanks, Elsiee & Sarah! It didn't really bother me much, it must be admitted – I promise I'll keep wearing red boots, and flaunting them like a hussy!

    Bec, I gave up my personal trainer last year, so I'm probably going backwards actually! Thanks so much though! Re: bodysuits – I bought it especially to layer under things, but rarely wear it because I've found that tops from Giordano or America Apparel work just as well if you buy them too small! That said – bodysuits seem to be doing raring trade right now – they're back in vogue (bizzarely)

    Hi Claire – I actually haven't been for *years* and I've heard that they've grown in leaps and bounds since then. I thought I'd try to make the June one, so I'll keep you posted on the Plus-size potential. This top was labelled a "16" and it's verrrry snug – it was the largest size this particular stall did, but I think the designer would custom-make larger sizes (most do). So, which Duo's did you get??

  10. bubblebeeknits – it’s a few years old, I’m afraid. My other denim skirt is this season – from Dream Diva – but it’s more of a pencil skirt than an a-line. Like decadent-hedonist says though – check Sussans again. They’ve got a few good-looking denim skirts this season. Also try Jacqui-E because they often have the more a-line styles.

    Sonya the two authors were Mal Peet (author of Exposure) and MT (aka, Tobin) Anderson (author of the Octavian Nothing series). Mal’s from England, Tobin’s from the US, and they’re both marvellous!

  11. Lilli, my boys love Mal Peet’s books. My assistants never seem to get to actually reshelve them before they are borrowed again.

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