Got the Blues

Back into the nautical swing of things with my redwhiteandblue.
I’ve been trying to find a less Wally-esque way of layering this stripy red top and I think it looks pretty good under this navy dress. My red boots – from Boots for Broads this time (see! I still wear them!) gives a good pop of colour.
There still seems to be something missing in the middle though, and because this dress doesn’t seem to “do” belts I’ve been thinking of remixing the pockets with a little bit of ribbon or frou frou of some description – what do you think?

13 thoughts on “Got the Blues

  1. i must say again, LOVE this outfit. i think the striped top under the dress with the gorgeous red boots make the dress more ‘fun’. and i would recommned brooches, i know you’ve said before that you don’t really do brooches but they are the perfect way to add punch to an outfit less permanently than frou frou or ribbon – you know? just an idea. but i think this outfit is great as it is!

  2. I can see a couple of Mimcoesque buttons on each of those pockets.

    The outfit looks great. We have a French themed day at work on Tuesday, as we are celebrating our founder’s anniversary all week. I immediately thought of your red and white top, when it was suggested we dress up.

    I don’t have one, so I will be wearing something else “French” for the day.

  3. Could you perhaps do some white stitching on the pockets and maybe if you're daring down the dress I'm not suggesting this ENTIRELY but navy & white always looks so smart.

    OTHERWISE why not play up the nautical theme and purchase some anchor buttons? I often wear buttons as brooches just by putting safety pins through the back of them (as long as their not the ones with the 2 or 4 holes). It works well because I can change the buttons as often as I like and the safety pin keeps them in place all day).

    Another idea you could try is the white stitching along the bottom and on the pockets It makes it so permanent though, I don't mind the versatility of the navy dress

  4. the dress is elegant, wearing a shirt underneath looks awkward, especially since the necklace is crashing into it. the red earrings and cardigan look worked the dress better i think.

    you say this dress doesn’t “do” belts, but i really wonder — something like this, for example, tied right under the breasts in an empire style:

    i also wonder if maybe the waist needs taking in, i.e. if you’re feeling that the dress needs something in the waist is really because the fit isn’t quite right.

  5. I bought that ruffle dress in khaki green after I saw you post it on fatshionista. I really like mine with a belt, but that's because I'm a classic ruler spare and I have no curves whatsoever and the belt gives me a little bit of definition if I toss it on right under my boobs. Thin belts seem to work better than thick belts. If the belt thing isn't working for you though, a little pocket detailing could be pretty awesome, or what about echoing the ruffle on the pockets with some contrasting fabric or ribbon?

  6. I have to say that I love that dress so much (and that outfit is cute too) that the idea of doing some frou-frou that’s permanent upsets me greatly! I think a couple of little red badges here and there could work, or anything else removable – but it’s so lovely as it is! I guess anything you stitch on could be unpicked, though…

  7. I love this colour on you! This and that maroon dress you wore a couple of posts ago. Now – boots for broads – have you just provided the answer to my dreams come true???? Yusssss. I have the largest calves ever and have to deal with ankle boots and the cankle look. I’m off to have a browse. Thank you, gorgoues. MUAH!

  8. Maybe this is just my boringness talking, but I really don’t think you need anything extra! The ruffles at the top and the pockets add visual interest in the middle even though the color is all the same. I agree with Bec – I’d recommend pins or brooches as a less permanent/more versatile way to add interest to the dress, and Deborah-lee’s idea to pin on buttons sounds so cute – not to mention that you could mix and match them.

  9. Hi Lilli,

    Just wanted to say thanks so much for the inspiration! I've been reading for a while and am slowly backing away from the frump racks thanks to blogs like yours!

  10. Don't hurt the dress, Lilli!! Do the badges/brooches on the pockets, or just have a killer handbaggie to go with it. You'll shorten the versatility of the dress if you mess with it.

  11. Hi folks – sorry for the long absence. The bottom kind of dropped out of my world for a while there.
    I love everyone's ideas – I may have to look into finding some cute brooches and buttons.

    Anon, I can assure you I've tried it with belts – narrow and wide – maybe it's the figure underneath, but something about it just looks a bit too sack-of-potatoes. It's hard to tell from the picture but I really like the swooped seams along the front. I'm not sure it'd look right with an empire waist…

    ana b. do let me know if you decide to order from Boots For Broads – they're so wonderful, and I'd love to hear about someone else's experience.

    Hi Lisa, Ah I'm so glad you're finding some inspiration from F&FF!

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