Shoes: Wittner

It’s not actually the best outfit to premiere my favourite new shoes with, but hey! Check out my super awesome spectator style pumps!
After I got home today I had a bit of a think, and I realised that I’ve been forgetting the A1 best-ever reason that I should be delighted that this warm weather is lingering… I still get to wear my flirty spring and summer dresses, my bright colours and my floral skirts. Huzzah! Tomorrow – if the weather holds – I’m putting away my jeans and cardigans, disregarding the calendar, and pretending that it’s still summer!

7 thoughts on “Spectator

  1. I don’t know how you always manage to look so good in jeans, but I envy you! I’m getting a bit disheartened at the prospect of having to look for a new pair this year.
    The shoes are super cute 🙂

  2. Hi Sarah,
    oh, you’re so nice! I have an insanely comprehensive wardrobe of jeans, but I don’t wear them that often (must remedy that!)

    SingaporeSling the shoes do have wee little block heels, only about an inch and a half tall though – I can never manage heels that well!

  3. Those Embody jeans look great on you. I tried on a few pairs of them today with no luck – rise was too low for me. On the other end of the scale, the Not Your Daughters were way too high rise – and you’re totally right about the wide butt look in them!

  4. Wow! Good spotting, Rachael – they ARE the Henry’s! I’m so impressed you know their name (I just had to check the box) I never pay attention to things like that, I just front up to sales assistants and go “You know. Those black and white ones. Like the old fashioned style.”
    Your way’s better.

    Supers, have you tried the Fever? They’ve got a much higher rise than the others in Natalie’s range.

    Thanks Kelly! 🙂

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