A short note.

To the poisonous old bag that took me aside today to make the suggestion that I was disturbing the “calm space” of the bookshop during my sell-in I just wanted to say: I’m actually not sorry that the premise of the frankly marvellous book “The Agency” upset you, and I definitely won’t be taking your recommendations on board in the future. My energy and enthusiasm are part of what makes me a great rep. Your first instinct – that it might be inappropriate to speak to me – was actually correct, but thank you anyway for giving me a really magnificent story to share with my sales team at the next conference.
P.S. Apparently you’re not welcome back at the bookshop. My bookseller was mortified by your rude behaviour, and feels that she doesn’t like the way you influence the “calm space” of her business.
Sincerely, Lilli

8 thoughts on “A short note.

  1. Ohmygod, a customer did that to you? But lili, The Agency is so exciting and you getting so exciting about books is why you’re my fav rep ever! I’m sending you cyber hugs!

  2. Oh, I love you guys!
    Fi, I very nearly did, but I was trying to keep my own “calm space” going. It was all very zen. (Thinking about disembowelling a crotchety, eavesdropping busybody with a Bryce Courtenay is zen, right?)

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