A little red

Jeans: Embody
Brooch: Pirdy
A little bit of red to brighten up an expanse of navy.
Melbourne’s temperatures are lingering around the 23 degree weather this week, which is just about spot on perfect for me, but (typically) I’m not happy, and wishing for cooler weather.
Part of the reason is that I had a great re-mix me Monday for you yesterday, but it was too warm to wear it 🙁
Still, we’re properly in autumn now, and the cool crisp days are ahead of us. mmmnnnn…. winter…. I can’t wait for:
Bring it on, baby!

7 thoughts on “A little red

  1. That’s a great belt.

    I keep saying I can’t wait til winter, but now I’m not sure why. I don’t know that I have anything in my winter wardrobe to wear! *LOL*

  2. Love the polka dots and the little red pin. Be thankful you have a winter, I never see cold weather in Florida and I miss it!

  3. Your outfit looks beautiful, simply, but very chic !
    Thank you for the red accessories 😉

    Here, in France, I just can’t stand cold temperatures anymore ! My wardrobe is full of light dresses for spring and it’s not possible to wear it right now… But it’s coming !
    We are all poor little girls. Sniff.

  4. i love your blog! i had no idea victoria’s secrets shirts were for more than size 2s! you are so rocking that outfit.

  5. I wish I could say! I bought it from a shop called Positano in Glenferrie Rd, Malvern, but the label on the belt itself is indescipherable! It's like L&A, or LTA, or LJA… I've googled for it, but I can't seem to find anything!

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