Oh, what a beautiful morning!

Top: Luka & Marc @ Harris Scarfe
Skirt: Portmans
Belt: Portmans
Gosh, what a beautifully mild “summer” day today was – perfect for this 50’s style full skirt and ballet top. I felt like running through the mountains singing “Oh, what a beautiful morning” (except I don’t run, and there’s a shortage of mountains in Frankston).
Yep, my changed attitude towards our belated cooler months is working a charm and I barely spent any time at all this morning standing in a towel in front of my wardrobe going “what to wear, what to wear, what to wear?”
Of course, the damage has been done, I went on a bit of a shopping bender this past week. Mostly online, so it’ll all be premiering as it arrives in my mailbox (ooooh! I love parcels!)
Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Oh, what a beautiful morning!

  1. This is a stunning outfit Lilli.

    I really love the look of the full skirt and simple top. I really love it.

    I can’t wait to see what you have purchased this week. I got a few things too… and will be sharing.

    Fun days ahead! x

  2. You look very pretty today!

    Now, I know you spend your day running around but I would love to see you wearing heels a bit more – just for a bit of lift. Kittens?

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