Re-mix me Monday: Artithmetic

Top (remixed): Sussan
T-shirt: Giordano
Happy easter, everyone!
I’ve had this project in mind for a few months now, and this long weekend gave me an opportunity to have a bit of a go.
It’s a simple case of arithmetic.
Take one virtually unworn dress:
Dress: Sussan
I bought this dress years ago, as the embroidered flowers were too beautiful to pass on, but it was just a bit too… virginal for me to wear with any regularity. Quite apart from the fact that the linen fabric was easily crushable and transparent enough to require very carefully chosen underwear.
Add one to-be-retired cardigan:

Trousers: Grace Hill @ Ezibuy
Don’t get me wrong, I like this top – but it’s just too similar to another top in my bursting-at-the-seams wardrobe. So it was either a case or a re-mix, or a retire. Sigh. I should really stop impulse buying.
= one brand-new (ish) floral applique top.
I’m still not quite sure I made the right decision, but it was a fun easter project regardless. The appliques are just stuck on with fabric glue, and would be easy enough to remove with solvent if I change my mind.
The dress, however, is unsalvegable:
At the end of the day, there were a lot more appliques than I could have possibly used, and I have plenty of the pink and blue blossoms left – Any ideas what I should do with them?

12 thoughts on “Re-mix me Monday: Artithmetic

  1. Make a necklace.

    Sew the appliques in an arrangement you like onto a piece of fabric backing, add ribbon ties and voila!

    The cardigan looks lovely.

  2. I have to second making a headband. It would be really cute w/40s style look with a little lace and ribbon.

    I would make a ring too, but I love big rings.

  3. I love your new floral top!!
    For the one left, what about doing the same on a black bag or even a white one?

  4. I was going to suggest a headband as well or glue them onto slide combs.

    I’m glad you retired that dress, I would have worn it as a nightie, instead of a dress, but that’s just me.

    Maybe you could also put a flower on the toe of a nice pair of pumps, for a lovely pair of evening shoes.

  5. Easy answer, send them to me so I can copy – I mean, respectfully be inspired by – your super-cute idea!

  6. I just came across your blog as I was googling for people’s experiences with the Bravissimo dresses and had to leave a comment. You have the cutest style, I will be back regularly. I love what you did with this cardigan.

  7. Oooh – some good ideas there. Deborah-Lee, that scarf thing is darling.

    I like the idea of the headband, gembalina & Danyelle – maybe I can combine it with Claire's idea and make something that I can either wear as a headband OR a necklace – like this:

    Who Are You Weesha & Les Piteries – ah, you've discovered my secret addiction. Bags! I have so very, very, very many of them that I had to make a deal with Mr Lillipilli that if I ever bought another handbag, I would have to retire one. Of course, he didn't say anything about remixing an existing bag…

    Ally, I actually tried using them all, but I found it was a bit too fussy. I think the contrast between the black and the blossoms was too much, but my second option was using a lighter coloured cardigan – ALL of them would look fab on a pale green or pink…

    A, I'm so glad you found me, and I'm thrilled you're enjoying the blog.

  8. Wow – excellent outfit idea. I love how it came out 🙂

    Great blog – I visit often to see what you put together. It’s inspiring me to wear brighter colors, especially that red/purple outfit of yours.

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