They’re Baaaack!

Top: Giordano
Cardigan: Big W
Skirt: Sussan
Hoorah! It’s finally cool enough to crack out my favourite red boots (Red Boots!) again – expect to see a lot of them in the coming months!
Some of my newer readers may not have heard of Boots For Broads before – they’re an Australian company that custom makes leather boots to fit your very own feet and legs. So if you suffer from wide feet (guilty!) or generous calves (also guilty!) you can still have a pair of perfect knee high boots. All you have to do is send Janice and Elizabeth a set of comprehensive measurements, and a few weeks later the postman arrives with those boots you’ve always dreamed about, but never thought you’d find.
I reviewed Boots For Broads way back in November when they first arrived, and it got a huge response; I’d love to hear from anyone who ended up ordering boots of their own – how was your experience? Are you as pleased with your boots as I was?

7 thoughts on “They’re Baaaack!

  1. Hi Lilli,

    Love the boots. Is your skirt a recent item or from a few years back. I had a great denim skirt (op shop acquired) but it has sadly seen much better days. Not to mention that it was a better fit when I was better fit!

    I don’t want to trapse all over the shops in vain hope of finding a skirt when perhaps Sussan need be my only stop.

  2. Hi Kis,
    Thanks! Me too!

    Hi D_H – the skirt’s about a year old, but I walked past a Sussan yesterday, and it looks like they’ve brought it back – or a similar style anyway. Try them, anyway – it’s definitely the best one-stop shop for basic, a-line/pencil style denim skirts

  3. hi! Those boots look GREAT, i have the same leg issues, i never knew this company existed, thanks!

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