Ask Lillipilli: Rack of Doom

Dress: Bravissimo
Cardigan: Crossroads
Headband: Mimco
Necklace: One Of One
Woohoo! Another “Ask Lillipilli”!
Adele writes to ask:

Dear Lilli,

Apart from Bravissimo, can you recommend another store
that does clothes for girls with excess boobage?

Ah yes… the famous rack of doom. Nothing makes a body difficult to dress like a profusion of mammaries.

Search for “Big Boobs” on Google, and after wading through the inevitable porn, a lot of unhelpful advice pops up, most of which suggests wearing loose-fitting tops, jackets and scarves in an attempt to downplay your big knockers. Which is fine if you’re after the streamlined look sported by Mr Chatterbox. Personally, I’d rather emulate Jessica Rabbit.

Well, here’s an interesting factoid for you, Adele: 40% of Australian Women wear a DD cup or higher

Unfortunately, most clothing companies are still working on old dress patterns from as far back as the 50’s when the average cup size was closer to a B.

So – back to your question – are there other companies out there who are catering for the generously endowed. Fortunately, yes!

First up, we have AJ Rumina who do a range of clothes called “Bustin’ Out” where you can buy by waist and cup size! I particularly like this classic sundress which is also available in a pretty pink print.

Secondly, we have Bratique Helene where shoppers can chose between “Well endowed” and “Really endowed”. No word on whether or not they ship to Australia, but they do take paypal.
My pick at Bratique Helene is this tailored white shirt – the hook and eye fastening is a godsend against gaping buttons, and the combination of princess and underbust seams looks like you’d get a truly fitted shirt that will show off your assets to their best advantage.

After something a little more luxe? For a meagre AUD$299 you can indulge in this divine silk shirt from Australian retailer Sablier. Sabiler caters for the “curvaceous connoisseur” and stocks tailored business shirts, swimwear and lingerie (including those bizarrely uncomfortable looking boob-socks known as the Strapless/Backless Bra)
Eris Apparel (named for the Greek goddess of “strife, discord, contention and rivalry” – go figure) is in the process of shutting up shop, so get in quick before they disappear. At the moment the prices are extraordinarily good, this ivory suit jacket is selling for under US$36. Again – no word on whether she’ll ship internationally, but she takes paypal.
Finally Bravissimo, for those of you who missed them the first time around, has far and away the best range of clothing cut to flatter a full bust. Plus they’ve just released a whole stack of new items.
My favourite is this hot pink silk dress – loving it. Check out the Shirt Dress too. Oh, and the Nautical Stripe Jersey Dress. Plus I think I need to indulge in a nightdress at some point.

7 thoughts on “Ask Lillipilli: Rack of Doom

  1. I adore the new Bravissimo stuff. I am to-ing and fro-ing about getting the purple dress you have and the Morocan print linen dress. It’s adorable.

  2. Wahoo Lillipilli! your outfit rocks! and those boots! I just can’t take my eyes of them!!
    If France there is absolutly no shops for us so we buy on the English or American website!
    Am going to visit the Aussie’s one just in case they ship to France!

  3. Have you tried AJ Rumina yourself? Do you like it? I’ve been looking at that sundress in the pink dots but I don’t know if I should pull the trigger….ah, decisions, decisions

  4. “Nothing makes a body difficult to dress like a profusion of mammaries.”

    there are lots of things more difficult, starting with having a masectomy. you look lovely in the photo though.

    angie of you look fab says that curvier women look better in dresses, whatever the general truth of the statement, it comes to mind when i see your photos.

  5. Hi A, did you see my review of the purple dress? It’s such a gorgeous fit, but the quality of the fabric lets it down 🙁 That linen print dress looks just scrumptious though!

    Les Pitrieies de Vanoue – the boots are great, huh? I keep trying to think of new ways to wear them, because they stand out so much! A lot of our Aussie stores should ship to you in Australia, but feel free to shoot me off an email if you need some help re: fitting, or doing a custom purchase for you. I’m always happy to forward parcels 🙂

    Kelly I haven’t tried AJ Rumina, but Oh My Lord – that dress is so great, isn’t it? I’m pretty tempted by the black – imagine it with a bright cardigan and matching shoes! Plus it’s fully lined. Awesome price, I though – let me know if you do order it, I’d love to know what it’s like in Real Life.

    Thanks, Anon – that’s a very valid point. I’ve always been busty, even when I was an Aussie size 10 I spent my life looking out over a d-cup shelf, and I just know how frustrating it is to be either dorwing in excess fabric or constantly straining seams and popping buttons. Obviously there’s lots of girls out there with the opposite problem, just like there’s girls with tiny waists and generous thighs, girls with broad shoulders and tapered waists. I didn’t mean to offend or exclude anyone with my comment, and I apologise if I did so.

  6. I will have to give Bravissimo a good look at some point. I have a real problem trying to find a wrap dress that doesn’t make me look like Chesty LaRue with my F-FFs.

    And isn’t it great that the cooler weather is arriving and we can crank out colour combos like the purple and red. It’s my favourite combination.

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