This Goes With That

Top: Temt
Belt: Jag
Boots: Reiker Anti-Stress @ Shoebuy
Necklace: Foudre Blanche
I’m sure I’ve mentioned before my obsession with matched outfits.
I’ve never really mastered the art of putting together a look with a hodge-podge of different items – I live in awe and envy of those who can!
In fact, I think my fussiness about matching is part of the reason that I have such a comprehensive range of dresses! You don’t have to match anything, if you’re wearing a dress!
I just love this skirt though, and I have precisely one top it goes with; it’s a cheapie balloon sleeved knit top from Temt and the fact that it’s the only item in my wardrobe that I can wear with this divine silk-n-tweed skirt is the only thing that’s saved it from being “retired” umpteen times.
It does get old though, and I’d love some pointers… How would you wear this skirt?

10 thoughts on “This Goes With That

  1. I’d try it with a short puffy sleeved turtle neck in a sagey-green grey over a thin long sleeved jumper in pale grey.

    I have that combo (short sleeved from Debenhams UK, grey from Country Road) and it works a treat with many things. Also if you are in cross-season, you can remove one layer or the other, depending on the temp.

    And then you can put your cute feather necklace on top et voila!

  2. I have several green tops that would look great with that skirt. As a matter of fact, I think we are about the same size so if you want me to take that skirt off your hands —
    Just saying!
    Seriously though, I was looking at some of your old posts and what about with that Target vest? Or something like that Ureshii draped neck shirt in a different color? You don’t own anything except black, white and red tops?!! Match one of the colors in the skirt, green or brown. I better come over there and help you. LOL!

  3. There are so many colours in the skirt I think you could wear pretty much anything. I’d go with deep purple I think.

  4. I’m the same! I love skirt with prints but I never know what to do with them, and they always seem to sit too high and I panic. I have yet to buy one. I would also wear it with black, maybe? But black is always my backup plan and it is not necessarily the right choice.

  5. Hi, I just found yout website and I loved it, I was looking at all of these fashion sites with beautiful super skinny girls and to find one with a beautiful girl with a body more similar to mine was great!

    I was wondering if you had a moment if you would check me out, I just started my blog, an I did it to get some suggestions. thanks,Lesa
    always summer

  6. Yes I agree! I could never do the pattern mixing etc etc that some ladies do so well. I always think I look terribly blind and/or homeless. The skirt is lovely as is the girl!

  7. Oh I LOVE that idea, CurveSmart! [goes off to look for components]

    Hi Anon – yeah, green is a colour that is sadly underrepresented in my wardrobe 🙁 Perhaps a welcome excuse for shopping….?

    I actually wear it with deep purple shoes pretty regularly, emma_williams, so you gould be on to something. I do have a purple scoopneck top, I shall have to try them together.

    Fi; It’s MELBOURNE! Black is ALWAYS the right choice! You’re in dresses now – skirts are the next step 🙂

  8. Hi, I already wrote to you once, I was wondering if you have any information about wearing belts? I love them but they seem to make me look bigger. I think we are about the same size and you always look so cute. Any tips you can give me would be greatly appreciate!

    always summer

  9. Oh where is my comment? I did make one the other day… I suggested black top – v or round neck (round better with that skirt I think) or black cami and cardi. Can’t go wrong/

  10. Hi Lesa,
    Welcome to the world of blogging! Hope you’re having as much fun as I am! (BTW, your three girls are so lovely!) re: Belts. I’ve always found the low-slung hip belts work best for me. Waist belts often make me look a potato sack that’s been tied in the middle because I’m quite hippy and busty. Hope this helps 🙂

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