Sweet As…

Dress: Jane Bon Bon
Shirt: Hand-Me-Down
Belt: City Chic

Oooh, today’s entry is on one of my all-time-favourite Etsy sellers.
Jane Bon Bon is a Canadian designer who specialises in designing for girls all the way from a size 4 to a plus size 34! She’s curvy herself, and seems to understand exactly what the fuller figure requires from a skirt or a dress.
If that weren’t enough she also custom-makes the bulk of her clothing. You send her your measurements, and she send you back a dress cut to fit. On the size label it even has your name! I’m a size Lilli!
This dress looks so much better in person than it does in photos, but I couldn’t resist showing it off, because I love the skirt in the back:

How cool is that? Those roses are all hand-appliqued, it’s just divine.
Jane’s got some of the most beautiful pieces available in her Etsy Store right now, and I’m not sure how much longer I can resist caving into temptation and buying ALL OF THEM! Because I’m not sure my life’s complete without them. Especially the Rose Dress.

11 thoughts on “Sweet As…

  1. I have eyed the sweet clothing in the etsy shop for EVER! Your should be her model lili that dress is beautiful but really it’s beautiful on YOU!

  2. That’s such an adorable dress, Sarah! Does is really truly honestly not need a bra??? How on earth does it hold the ladies aloft?

    Isn’t it, PJPixie? I have a seriously lustful yearning for it. The pockets are totally to die for!

    You and me both, elsiee! I love all of it!

  3. Lilli you look amazing!

    Let me tell you, I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I’m addicted. After 27.5 years of strictly being a jeans and tops girl (skirts? fashion??! WHAT?!) you’ve encouraged me to finally embrace…well, being a chick. And wearing – godforbid – a dress! I love the way you put an outfit together and your reviews are always really helpful. Nice work mate! 🙂

  4. Hhhmmm well I wear mine with a strapless bra but I can how it could be worn with a bra. Unlike most dresses with the fabric straight across the bust it has two cup like peices with a wide band of fabric in the middle. I might take a picture later if I am feeling less lazy 😉

  5. Those are all so pretty. I wish I could pull something like that off, but alas, I can’t *sigh* .

    Sarah’s polka dot dress is pretty too.

  6. Sarah – please do. I think it’s always helpful to see clothes modelled on someone, rather then the hanger.

  7. OMG… how much do I LOOOOOOVE that last dress??? gotta check it out RIGHT now, right after I tell you how fab yours is too!

    Nina xxx

  8. kylcam that’s so nice to hear! I love that you’ve been converted to frocks – there’s a whole delicious world out there!

    Frumpy why do you say you couldn’t pull it off? I bet you could!

    I know, Nina! You should definitely indulge!

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